Techivation Debuts M-Clarity Tonal Balancing Plugin


Techivation releases M-Clarity, an advanced tonal balancing plugin available at an intro sale of $45 (reg $129). Existing Techivation customers need to pay only $35 for the new plugin.

As technology marches forward, we often see it pouring over into the audio domain as the foundation of plugins that make it easier to mix music.

M-Clarity by Techivation is one such plugin, using Techivation’s new custom-made spectral shaping algorithm to clean up your audio. The plugin offers spectral-based tonal shaping and balancing with a simple and bespoke interface.

Techivation’s latest is available with an intro price for a limited time at $45. If you have purchased any Techivation products in the past, you can also snag it for $35, which is a fairly decent saving.

So, what is M-Clarity?

M-Clarity is the latest in the M-series plugins from Techivation and is reminiscent of something like Soothe in its implementation.

While it may not have as much granular control over your material as Soothe, it is fairly quick to use, and the CPU usage is lighter than tossing Soothe on every single bus or group in a project.

The center knob controls suppression or minimizes unwanted frequencies. Think of this as a means of controlling nasty resonances and clashing frequencies, and you won’t be far off the mark.

Below the suppression control is intensity, which dictates the depth of the suppression control. You can give it a little reduction or go fully extreme and completely alter the sound of the audio signal itself.

Focus seems to prioritize potential problem frequencies and allows for more gradual or deeper and sharper cuts across the frequency spectrum.

Soft and hard controls are also present for controlling the overall steepness of the filters used in processing the audio signal. While soft is more gradual and with gentler bandwidth, hard is steeper and has a more narrow bandwidth.

The controls are rounded out by a high and low-pass filter. This helps to hone in on the problem areas of your material.

M-Clarity may very well shape up to be a worthy and cost-effective contender to tangle with oeksound’s Soothe. While it may lack certain finer controls, it makes up for it by being exceptionally fast to use.

M-Clarity is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAx. It is compatible with Apple Silicon devices, so Intel and M1 users can benefit from using it.

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