Gatelab Is A FREE Gate Sequencer Plugin By Audiomodern


Audiomodern releases Gatelab, a freeware gate sequencer for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Gatelab is a sleek-looking sequencer designed to add movement a rhythm to static sounds. Gate sequencers are traditionally used to transform pads into “trancey” sequences, drones into galloping basslines, and vocals into catchy rhythmic vocal chops.

Like any other gate sequencer, Audiomodern’s latest entry uses a step sequencer to modulate the incoming audio’s volume. The user can customize the modulation sequence, creating all sorts of riffs and rhythmic patterns.

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That said, Gatelab expands on the traditional gate sequencer concept by implementing randomization features. You can randomize various parameters to come up with unexpected results.

Another nifty feature is the plugin’s ability to send MIDI data. Connect Gatelab to any other VST plugin or even a hardware MIDI device and use it to randomize and modulate its parameters.

I always liked Audimodern’s minimal UI design. They deliver the same look in Gatelab, boasting a subdued color scheme, clean lines, and a modern look. The plugin performs equally well on desktop screens and portable devices. It’s also worth noting that the GUI is freely resizable.

One minor problem with the interface is that the controls aren’t labeled. It’s relatively easy to figure out which control does what, but you’ll need to spend a few minutes before the entire interface “clicks.”

Some other features worth mentioning are preset management, undo/redo functionality, a dry/wet mix control, shuffle, and MIDI learn.

Here’s more info about Gatelab:

“Gatelab randomizes a unique combination of parameters and is delivering endless rhythmic effects. It can also send MIDI data, giving it the ability to randomize parameters in other plugins. Create inspiring movement, from pulsing sequences to complex rhythmic chaos.”

You can see and hear the plugin in action in the official demo video embedded below.

You’ll need to sign up for an Audiomodern user account to download your free copy of Gatelab (valid email address required). By signing up, you will also gain access to the free Filterstep plugin.

And if you like gate sequencers, be sure to check out the excellent HY-ESG plugin by HY-Plugins.

Download: Gatelab (25.2 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 64-bit VST/AU plugin for Windows & macOS, app for iOS & Android)

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  1. nice overall but yeah that interface was not designed by the same person behind the idea lol. Why are the reset buttons not all the same icon, and why is one in a grey box when the others aren’t? and why are the randomise controls not next to ransomise button. stuff like that. not intuitive.

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