Chowdhury DSP Releases FREE ChowMultiTool Plugin


Chowdhury DSP released ChowMultiTool, a freeware plugin that provides several useful tools for your DAW.

ChowMultiTool didn’t blow me away with its feature set, but it’s a useful little plugin I’ll keep handy for future use. The developer aptly describes it as a “Swiss Army Knife” plugin, which is spot on.

So, what do you get when you download ChowMultiTool on your computer.

It’s a neat little package consisting of a linear-phase equalizer, a waveshaper, a band splitter with multi-out capabilities, and a modulated state-variable filter with keytracking.

All four tools are designed to be simple and easy to use. You can access all four modes from the main user interface via the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner.

The linear-phase EQ lets you apply different filter shapes to each of its eight parametric bands. Simply drag and drop the control point to adjust the frequency and the gain. Changing the filter mode is equally intuitive – simply use the drop-down menu below the control point.

It’s a reasonably basic equalizer, but I love the simplistic design and the hands-on controls. Also worth noting is that the frequency response remains natural even as you approach the Nyquist frequencies.

ChowMultiTool would be worth the download even if it only contained this EQ, but there are three more modes to cover.

Next up is the waveshaper with built-in oversampling and eleven waveshaping modes. Its coolest feature is the Math mode which lets you type in an equation to create custom shapes. I’m not a maths buff, but I had tons of fun experimenting with this. It basically provides infinite options for distorting your signal.

The waveshaper module is easy to use and incredibly versatile, so it’s worth considering if you need a free distortion tool.

The band-splitter mode is useful for creating custom multi-band FX chains in your DAW. Define the frequency ranges using the vertical sliders and send them to different audio outputs for additional processing.

You can use this simple plugin to turn your favorite compression and saturation effects into multi-band processing tools.

There’s also a multi-mode filter that lets you modulate its parameters. Pair that with keytracking, and you get a versatile filter that you can use to add character to synths, guitars, and drums.

Lastly, ChowMultiTool includes an analog EQ module based on a vintage hardware equalizer. I’m assuming it models the Pultec EQ.

ChowMultiTool is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux in VST3, AU, AAX, and CLAP plugin formats. An iOS version is also available.

Download: ChowMultiTool


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  1. Got a mail again:
    Hi Dirk,
    You probably know the New Nation website was down for some time, and there were problems with downloading Natura VST for free.
    Now New Nation confirmed they are back online.
    So, here are the direct download links for Natura VST.
    p.s.: huge (1.5GB) worked for me, downloading right now

  2. Thank you! To anyone who hasn’t tried Chow Matrix yet, I recommend doing so. The most insane delay I know of.

  3. looks good, but found a bug in version 1.0.0 CLAP.
    the 6dB lowpass filter sounds more like a bandpass!

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