Rescopic Sound Releases FREE Sci-Fi Energy Weapons SFX Sample Pack


Rescopic Sound released a FREE version of its new Sci-Fi Energy Weapons sample pack.

As the game audio industry continues to evolve, we are witnessing the emergence of new companies that specialize in producing sound effects.

They aim to help sound designers, post-production houses, music composers, game developers, film editors, and also you, the bedroom producer, to get those complex, high-end futuristic sounds you can hear in modern games or films.

Rescopic Sound is one of them, and they have just released Sci-Fi Energy Weapons, a comprehensive arsenal of futuristic, modern, and sci-fi weaponry.

They say their approach to this collection was highly experimental but combined with a practical touch.

Sci-Fi Energy Weapons includes source material from real-world objects and synthesized sounds. The library was created to help you add unique sci-fi weapon sounds to your projects. It includes a variety of fully designed energy weapons for instant use in your game, film, TV, advertisement, or any other media.

The full paid version comes with 1096 royalty-free sounds in total, but you can get a free taster of it consisting of 44 audio files.

The sounds have been recorded at 24bit/96 kHz in stereo WAV format, and they are UCS (Universal Category System) compliant and meticulously embedded with metadata.

To give the end-user more creative freedom, all sounds are 100% dry with no reverb applied at all. In this way, you can put the sounds in whatever environment your project needs (huge, small, or complex outdoors).

To achieve more realism, this library features many versions of each sound to ensure versatility and variety in sound programming. The variations in timbre have been achieved by slightly altering the pitch, duration, or position of the samples used.

The real value of these kinds of libraries is their practical use, which is the result of the meticulous recording process of the source material, further edited and processed to get complex sounds that are ready to be used straight away.

If you are into game audio, or you are just a music producer looking for fresh, modern sci-fi sounds to include in your projects, you may want to explore this library, starting to get accustomed to it by downloading the free version of it at first.

You can download the free version of Sci-Fi Energy Weapons on the Rescopic Sound website. Check out their other releases, too. Each library has a free version available for download, no registration required.

Download: Sci-Fi Energy Weapons (scroll down the product page to download the free version)


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