Get 50% OFF Kontakt And Other Native Instruments Software (Summer Of Sound)


Enjoy Summer of Sound with huge discounts on plugins and bundles from industry-leading brands until July 6th.

Native Instruments, iZotope, and Plugin Alliance offer some of their biggest discounts ever for Summer of Sound.

The promotion will run until June 6th, 2023, and see’s many popular products available for less than half-price.

Native Instruments offers a 50% discount on the flagship Komplete 14 bundles, including Select, Standard, Ultimate, and Collector’s Edition.

For example, Komplete 14 Ultimate is currently available for £539.50, which is a lot of money. However, it is still drastically cheaper than the regular price of £1079. It’s a fairly serious investment, even with the discount, but if you are a prolific music maker, you’ll get your money’s worth in no time.

Existing Komplete users can get 50% discounts on upgrades, and if you aren’t quite ready for Komplete, there’s plenty more on offer.

You could grab the latest Kontakt 7, Traktor Pro 3, Guitar Rig 6 Pro, and more for half the usual price. However, if that is still more than you need, there are some excellent individual effects and instruments available. For instance, Valves – one of my favorite NI instruments for some time.

The Summer of Sound promotion includes special hardware/software bundles featuring Komplete Kontrol keyboards, Maschine, and Komplete Audio interfaces.

iZotope is going slightly further with the discounts, offering all software at 50% or more off regular prices. The iZotope sale includes big hitters like Ozone, Neutron, and RX, making it a good opportunity to grab something you might think twice about at full price.

Sometimes, bundles are the best value for money with iZotope sales, like the Advanced Mix & Master Bundle, available for £341.

The discounts get bigger again at Plugin Alliance with upwards of 50% of the entire portfolio, including brands like Brainworx and SPL.

A good example is the SPL Iron compressor plugin; it has a regular price of $299 – but right now, you can grab it for just $49.99.

I think I might check out Iron or something from SPL while on offer, but feel free to share any suggestions or offers that stand out to you!

Sales like this typically come along when I don’t particularly need anything, but most of us could say that most of the time. I only buy something if it makes sense, of course, but I justify it to myself with the excuse that I’d be more upset if I don’t own it when I see it at full price again; it kind of makes sense.

Don’t forget there’s still time to get 70% off a Lifeline Lite bundle at VST Buzz.

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Get the deals: Summer of Sound 2023 (Limited 50% discount)


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  1. You can also upgrade individual plugins. So for those who have the basic versions of Replica or Supercharger (previously given away for free for a limited time), you can upgrade to the bigger versions for a few bucks

  2. These offers also include:
    KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD AND ABOVE 1-3x Plugin Alliance Voucher and great vst’s. I still wonder if I can afford it (€299.50) or an update Live10 to 11

    • Hmm… Tempting… I am fl studio user and I was thinking to get Ableton. But this looks like good deal.. flex is good but not good enough lol. What should I get? Ableton or complete 14 standard ? :)

      • N.-I., I love there syths (started with Pro53, now Super 8), FM8,Massive and MassiveX are in some Bundles!! Look at for ther deals!!

    • I have a license for both DAWs but I don’t understand your comment. Bitwig crashed on me 1-2 times in a year, Waveform 8-9 times in a week. What “performance” are you talking about? Creative features maybe? I would not call that performance though

      • maybe it’s because of my laptop. I also have licenses for them too. Bitwig crash 3-4 times i open while the waveform ‘s performance is better.

  3. I got K13 last summer think I will skip this one. There is basically no new synths, except Massive X. BX_OBERHAUSEN has been given out free by Plugin Alliance. And I am quite happy with Kontakt 6, have had no need for Kontakt 7 yet.

    • I think Massive X was already included in K13 Standard. Check again.

      Regarding Massive X, I think it has grown to a very strong AAA Synth over the last couple updates. It has it’s usa and place in the Komplete Packages. NI included some PA stuff and even Lo-Fi-AF from Unfiltered Audio as an vintage distortion plugin but nothing to write home about in this round. While being under the same roof as iZotope and PA they can now crosssweeten their deals a lot easier, i guess. Tough luck if you already bought into iZo and PA, you gain nothing. Though, for beginners those deals are sweet, with K14 Select and then K14 Standard on summer sale being the best bang for buck.

      Regarding Kontakt 7: It’s true, there are not much new libs spawining that will only work with Kontakt 7. And expectable to stay so. It would be a bad idea to publish samples for a small(er) producer market, so those libs keep running on Kontakt 5 and above.

  4. Talking about upgrades, got info from Propellerheads that users can upgrade to Reason 12 for €80 until June 30. Reason+ is also 60% off until then.

  5. Another one on the fence have Maschine Mk2 and can crossgrade for £179. Seem to get so much for that and I think I can sell licenses for some of packs I already have to recoup some of the cost!

  6. It’s tempting to get the full version of K7, should I take this chance before the 50% discount is over or in some point will be another offer like this ? Much appreciated if some one could light me on this

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