Spitfire LABS Releases FREE Uilleann Pipes Sample Library


Spitfire Audio releases Uilleann Pipes, a free sound library for the LABS sample player.

Every month I dread when the bills hit and I watch my hard-earned dollars leave the coffers for silly things like living necessities. Thankfully, there are always reliable LABS freebies from Spitfire to look forward to.

That’s right, folks! It is officially June, so we have a brand new LABS instrument, and it is another excellent freebie. Given that it is a LABS library, you can expect it to run on Windows and Mac computers as long as you have the LABS plugin installed.

Uilleann Pipes is the latest to grace the LABS line, and for the uninitiated (like me), it would appear to be a very robust set of bagpipes. Now, I don’t know about you fine people at home, but I have little utility for just raw bagpipe sounds.

That said, I will find a use for these because there is nothing reverb and delay can’t fix.

The samples sourced with the help of composer Hannah Peel are quite majestic. You get a set of sonorous drones and the more melodic counterparts to make your composition stand out.

Bagpipes are seldom sampled for reasons I don’t quite grasp, but these sound great. The drones have a sense of depth that adds to the somewhat unusual texture of the instrument.

You will find an assortment of presets, as with any LABS instrument. These are filled with little ornamentations and flourishes to help bring motion and liveliness to a track.

Those familiar with the LABS line will likely enjoy the expression slider on the main interface, which helps to bring dynamics to the sound itself. It takes a static bag pipe and adds those human touches.

Spitfire’s reverb greatly compliments the sound sources here, but there is much to love about the material. I will admit I was a little gobsmacked this morning when I saw this enter my inbox. “Where will I use a bagpipe in my compositions?” I asked.

The drones and melodic elements make for great bedfellows. If you’re looking for a little Celtic flair to your compositions, Uilleann Pipes might be for you. Like all LABS releases, it is free, so you have nothing to lose.

Download: LABS Uilleann Pipes


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  1. Installed but it sounds differently than the walkthrough: short, no sustain. Waiting for help from Spitfire Audio support

    • I’m glad to see this article not getting divisive or political just from mentioning Spitfire Audio. Was getting tired of that not too long ago. Thanks as always for sharing the news.

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