Linda Audio Releases FREE Instavibe Effect Plugin


Linda Audio releases free Instavibe saturation plugin for Windows.

You might say to yourself: “I’ve got plenty of  saturation plugin“- however, we both know that is a wrong statement and there is always room for more.

If you’re looking for saturation and distortion with a more creative bent, why not check Instavibe from Linda Audio?

If you’re a Mac user, I’ll go ahead and apologize because this is sadly a Windows-only plugin. You’re good to go if you’ve got a VST or VST3-compatible host on Windows.

Instavibe comes with several different components to impart a little dirt to the signal. The saturation section is what you’d expect and houses an emulated tube and a more sedate exciter.

The EQ section helps to shape the overall sound but only comes with a trio of profiles. However, it does have additional modes, which can add additional distortion and harmonics.

You can also do something akin to the Pultec trick, with low-frequency and high-frequency resonant boosts. There is also an age parameter, which narrows the bandwidth of the EQ’s filtering.

If you’ve thought your audio needed a layer of atonal noise, you can sling on five sampled noise sources.

Users get access to noise from two cassettes, two vinyl records, and just general brown noise. This can be pitched and will duck your signal, similar to the noise section from RC-20.

Furthermore, this is rounded out by a modulation section. A quad chorus with adjustable delay times is a fun inclusion here and benefits greatly from the saturated signal being pushed to it.

Stereo width can be adjusted, giving some big width to the signal. Also present are wow and scratch fluctuation controls, for getting that damaged media sound that is so coveted these days.

Overall, Instavibe is a fun take on saturation. It isn’t a clinical and sterile processor by any means, but it does conjure the lo-fi feel with some ease. Controls are fairly slim, making for quick results.

Instavibe is a fun addition if you’re into the flaws and warmth of yesteryear.

It might not replace more expensive plugins like Wavesfactory Cassette, but for the low cost of nothing it’s hard to argue against giving it a shot.

Download: Instavibe


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