HY-Slicer2 Free Is A FREE Sample Slicer VST Plugin


HY-Plugins have just released HY-Slicer2, an upgrade to their old HY-Slicer plugin, and it comes with a free version.

The company is mainly known for its complex but powerful sequencers and multi-effects plugins – and HY-Slicer2 fits perfectly in that category.

HY-Slicer2 is a sampler plugin that focuses on sample slicing and comprises three main sections: a slicer, a sampler, and the included effects.

You can drag and drop audio samples into the interface before being chopped into audio slices.

The free version allows you to slice up to three different samples and arrange the sliced audio snippets into individual grid lanes inside a single sampler track. The sampler track has 16 separate grid lanes, and you can mix and match sliced versions of different samples into a single sequence for hybrid results.

The sampler also comes loaded with many parameters to shape the sound and behavior of the sequence, including Amp, Filter, and Pitch sections.

For example, Chance sets the trigger chance of the sequence while Reverse inverts the playback of the slices.

Additionally, you can create up to 32 patterns, each with its own stored values of sampler parameters

One of the most powerful features of HY-Slicer2 is its Pattern Chainer, which operates as a pattern sequencer. With it, you can make more complex patterns by stringing individual sequences together in a tracker-style workflow fashion.

The sampler unit is driven by the internal grid sequencer.

Following the signal path, the sampler then outputs through the Step FX and Master FX before reaching the final audio output of the plugin.

The Step FX section is included in the full paid version of HY-Slicer2, which can slice up to 8 different samples and has 5 individual sampler tracks.

Furthermore, the free version of HY-Slicer2 comes also with the Master FX section to polish the reworked audio.

You can find a 3-band equalizer, a compressor, and a Clip module with 4 different clip types (hard, soft, cubic, and sine) and comprehensive delay and reverb effects.

Overall, this is a very powerful and inspiring plugin you must try for yourself, either diving into it intuitively or consulting the manual for some help in case of getting lost in the interface.

HY-Slicer2 comes with VST2, VST3, and AU formats for both Mac (64-bit only) and Windows. You can find more sample playback tools in our free samplers article.

Download: HY-Slicer2 (free and paid versions available)


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  1. Wow! Playing around on the free version for the past 30 mins, it’s definitely one of the most powerful and intuitive slicer/sample manipulator tools I’ve tried – and I think I’ve tried almost all of them at this point. The fact that this is the free version is kind of mind boggling but I guess that’s what Hy is all about.

    I purchased Slicer 1 a while back and I’m sure I’ll end up buying the full version of this as well but definitely don’t sleep on the free version! It packs some heat.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this and all the new gadgets BPB and thanks to Hy for always exceeding expectations and making their tools available for folks who don’t have the cash to buy! Cheers!

  2. Will try it, but I did not see any mention of MIDI?
    I am looking for something ultra basic: I just want ot be able to quickly play my “slices” with midi notes, and move the “slices” points… I don’t need any fx, multi lines, etc… I am sure this must exist as a nice freeware somewhere?

    • I also struggled to find a basic freeware slicer, same with granular samplers. These two seem hard to come by, unless I’m looking in all the wrong places..

      Here’s a couple of options:
      -Momentum by Big Fish Audio
      -MPC beats DAW. You can use the DAW as a VST inside of most (all?) DAWs, and it has awesome sampler/slicing abilities. Not the lightest option though.

  3. This is amazing.
    Will definitely get the full version when I get the cash to spare.
    It works nicely with other glitchy software too.

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