Ghosthack Launches Ultimate Freebie Collection Samples Bundle


Ghosthack has just released the Ultimate Freebie Collection, a big bundle containing 24 freebie packs they have given away over the years.

If you’re new to the brand, Ghosthack is mainly known for providing high-quality sample packs for both producers and cinematic composers.

Over the past years, they have occasionally given away many sounds for free, but now you can stock up your hard drive with almost 2 GB of free sounds in one comprehensive package!

The best part is that all files are 100% royalty-free and can be used for commercial projects.

Inside this bundle, you will discover a wealth of audio resources neatly organized into various categories.

Expect to hear everything from catchy vocals, stylish basslines, dynamic drum loops, and textured percussions to cutting-edge sounds designed for Serum, Vital, and Phaseplant softsynths.

In addition to that, you can explore a diverse array of cinematic sound effects, from haunting drones to powerful impacts, braams, whooshes, and beyond.

There are different formats inside this bundle to ensure you can exploit the treasure trove of resources to their full potential. Sample Loops, One-Shots, MIDI, Presets, and Construction Kits are all there to ensure flexibility and instant inspiration for every producer, totaling over 1000 free sounds.

Many of the included packs come from Ghosthack’s past Advent Calendar freebies but are now part of a bigger bundle where all the main sound categories for music production have been covered. Inside each main category (like Drums, Melodies, Bass, Percussions, etc.), you can dive into an eclectic selection of sonic material.

For instance, inside the Percussions folder, you’ll find foley sounds, percussion hits, and loops, whereas, inside the Construction Kits folder, there are two kits for Future Rave and Trap genres.

Considering the restless proliferation of samples from everywhere, it’s rare to find a proper bundle for free, and it could be hugely beneficial to your workflow to have one at your disposal, instead of relying on an untidy hard disk full of uncategorized samples.

To download the bundle, you must fill out a short form asking for your name and e-mail, hence subscribing to the Ghosthack newsletter.

UPDATE: Please note that one of our readers reported that the samples are not ContentID safe. We are reaching out to Ghosthack to check this info.

Download: Ultimate Freebie Collection (requires a subscription to the Ghosthack newsletter)


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  1. The samples are not ContentID safe. You will be striked. Unfortunately, this notice comes after you have revealed your email address and unnecessarily downloaded 2 GB.

    • Ian / Nihil Quest


      Oh wow, that’s a big one! If BDP did some research (in the future as well) into that it would be most useful. Love you BDP, but these articles are often nicely written walls of text, that take stuff at face value, and could benefit from more critical approach.

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        Hi Ian, we really put a lot of work into these articles, but sometimes our readers discover some details that we didn’t (as in this case) and they get added to the article as an update.

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