TranSplit From Noiseworks Is FREE For A Limited Time


Noiseworks offers the TranSplit transient shaper plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

Ah, transient designers. These are probably the rarest to get good-quality freebies out of all the many mixing processors to cross the plugin folder. I’d wager most users are used to something like Kilohearts’ transient designer, which was once a paid plugin.

However, if you’re on the hunt for a solid one, you might as well look at TranSplit. Now, this is free only until July 3rd, so you’ve got a little time to grab it.

TranSplit operates a little differently than traditional transient processors. You can split the signal to the attack and sustain, as you would with any other processor.

Where it differs is that you aren’t affecting these tonal qualities at the same time. Instead, you’re dialing things in based on one certain aspect of the sound.

You can further target elements like triggering processing based on the lows or highs of a sound. This could be great for taming the harshness of the cymbals in a drum break. You could also apply that same processing to a drum break to make sure the lower thud of a kick and snare pop to the fore.

Controlling TranSplit is done through the top slider, which acts as an envelope. You are affecting a ratio between the attack and sustain of a sound versus just tackling both with independent controls.

All said, TranSplit is a handy tool. It certainly is unique, as I have a plugin folder as fat as multiple medieval lords and haven’t stumbled on something that operates quite like this. I really enjoy what it does on clean guitars, and of course, it works wonders on pre-rendered drum breaks and the like.

Grabbing TranSplit is easy. You just hand over your email address in exchange for your own link.

Supported plugin formats are VST3, AU, and AAX. It is available for Windows and Mac computers and is Silicon compatible. I have no clue if it is Silicon-ready for Pro Tools users, so you might still have to rely on a plugin wrapper in a worst-case scenario.

Download: TranSplit (Free until July 3rd)


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  1. Dear TransSplit Developers,

    when installing your VST3 plugin, an uninstall.exe is installed in “common files/vst3”.
    This folder is only for components and not for applications, like an uninstall.exe.

    For these files there is the AppData, ProgramData or Program Files folder on Windows.

    Please change this.

    Since this “free” offer is not a real purchase and if you update the plugin after July 3 you will not get access to the latest version this is my contribution to this “Open Beta” :)

    Anyway, thanks for the offer.

  2. I tried to get it via Google Chrome and got the error:”Your submission failed because of an error.”
    If anybody is facing the same Problem, try another Browser!!!

    It worked for me with Microsoft Edge-Browser!

  3. This company is doing a nice sale, but…
    You cannot understand how to downliad it

    I registered but nothing happened

    They say that an email will be attached but all they do is speaking about their discounts in it
    What should I do now? I got their email after registration

    I hope that you had a better experience that I had

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