Decomposer Releases Sitala 2.0 (Exclusive $5 Discount For BPB Readers)


Decomposer released Sitala 2.0 ($20), an updated version of its drum sampler plugin.

It feels like only yesterday I was looking for a suitable drum rack for Reaper and stumbled upon Sitala.

The fine folks at Decomposer have already released Sitala 2.0, which is a paid update. That said, it is an inexpensive update overall, clocking in at $20.

Since you’re here reading my copy on this very fine site, you can get another $5 off using the coupon code BEDROOM at checkout. The discount expires on July 6th, 2023.

If you’re new to Sitala, then you’ve missed quite possibly one of the finest drum samplers on the market today. I personally opt for TAL-Sampler or Redux when it comes time to mangle up some samples and lay down percussion.

Sitala is a great piece of software, packed with enough features to get in trouble but not enough to keep you tweaking nonstop. There are sixteen pads in total, each corresponding to a labeled note on your MIDI controller of choice.

Each pad has its own controls once you chuck a sample in there. You can compress, pan, adjust the tone, tuning, and more. It is an exercise in absolute elegance.

So, what’s new for the big 2.0? A big plus is Apple Silicon support, so no more loading it up in Rosetta for Mac users.

There is also a dark mode, which is a welcome addition since I opt for dark mode on everything personally. There are some new kits included beyond just the original TR-808 sample set. You can also copy and paste pads.

Now, it’s always a bit of a drag to see a free tool go paid, but I think this is well worth the upgrade. I run the mobile version of Sitala on my iPad frequently and have been a happy user since its introduction.

The desktop version carries that same ease of use, presenting everything you need without making you dial in exacting compressor settings. I save that for after the fact as it sits.

Sitala is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. iOS users get the choice between AUv3 or a standalone application.

Buy: Sitala 2.0 ($20, use code BEDROOM at checkout for $5 off)


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  1. Origin Makers


    Sitala is simple to use and good standalone tool too in its old version… But $20 for just silicon support is just a drag as mentioned in the article… Anyhow I’ll keep using the free version it covers all the needs of a drum sampler…

    • There’s quite a lot that’s new actually: 4×4 layout, missing sample finder, dark mode, two new factory kits, VSTv3, gated mode, improved MIDI mapping, copy and paste, …

      • Origin Makers


        FL Studio user here… Have it covered in FPC… I still love Sitala but wont be needing an update…

    • That’s exactly what I wanted to ask :) Up until now I haven’t found a free drum sampler that can touch Poise.

    • There aren’t, but our stretch goal is to bring enough in with this release that we can shoot for that as a target. Getting multi-layered sampling right is probably at least 6 months of full-time development, and we’ll pick what features we target (and how much time we can spend on them) based on how sales for this release go.

  2. This is great and all but I think FL’s FPC is just better…

    Thanks for the blog nonetheless! The free version of Sitala is still the best and it sparked my projects a lot back then! (if only it’s engine isn’t that CPU intensive… It’s still unoptimized.)

    • The VST with the cutest mascot ever. o_O
      The whole Majken series deserves to be redone in 64bit and with bigger GUIs, tho.

  3. I’d come a long way with Sitala and for me, I think they deserve what they are offering now. Free or not, I’m still on to it cause its load is light and very user friendly.

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