Beatzille Modular Synth Plugin Is FREE With Beat Magazine


The latest issue of Beat Magazine includes the updated version of Beatzille, a free (when you purchase the magazine) version of the Bazille synthesizer by u-he.

If you’re going to commission a freeware synth as a thank-you to your readers, turning to u-he is one of the best choices you could make, and that’s precisely what Beat magazine did with Beatzille.

Beatzille is the little brother of the Bazille modular synth from u-he, and this Beat magazine exclusive is free with issue #211 (August 2023).

As many of you will know, this isn’t the first time we hear about Beatzille; it has already been a Beat magazine freebie. This time, however, we have a 2023 update that’s M1-ready and now available for Linux, too.

Beatzille has more patches than ever and a few compatibility updates.

Despite being a compact version of Bazille, Beatzille is a little powerhouse in its own right. It delivers the same modular architecture as Bazille, which should keep even the most enthusiastic sound designer busy for some time.

Beatzille features two extremely flexible digital oscillators (Bazille has four) with simultaneous frequency modulation, phase distortion, and fractal resonance. Combining these synthesis methods opens up a world of sound design possibilities.

Another notable feature is the multimode analog-style filter with six parallel outputs – lowpass (4), bandpass, and highpass. The filter works well with digital oscillators and provides a simple way to do everything, from adding subtle warmth to creating more complex textures and movement.

Speaking of movement brings us to the single built-in effect, Beatzille’s Delay. The featured stereo delay effect offers optional host sync with per-channel volumes and delay times.

Beatzille also offers a single LFO, modulation mapper, two envelopes, and a 16-step sequencer. The 16-step sequencer features eight morphable snapshots and four output sockets.

Modular synthesis isn’t always the most inviting to newcomers by default, whether digital or real-world, because a mess of patch cables can look a little intimidating.

A skinnable, single-page interface ensures Beatzille is no more difficult to use than it should be and makes for a great introduction to modular.

Although Bazille offers more of just about everything, Beatzille is more than just a teaser for the flagship version; beginners and old hands should get a lot from this little modular monster.

If you missed our most recent blast from the past, CamelCrusher, it’s worth checking out; it seems many of you have put it to work over the years.

Beatzille is available in AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX (Windows only) formats for macOS (10.10 upwards), Windows (7 upwards), and Linux.

Check out the deal: Beatzille (Free with the August issue of Beat magazine)


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  1. Concerning the version for Windows, Beat 08-2023 includes the same Beatzille version 1.0.2 that was included with Beat 02-2023.

    • Could be that the update is only for Mac and Linux ?

      As stated above: “we have a 2023 update that’s M1-ready and now available for Linux, too”

      But there are supposed to be extra patches also in the Win version AFAIK ?

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