Delay&Pitch Is A FREE Stereo Multieffect For Mac And Windows


Delay&Pitch, a simple but creative stereo multi-effect with an interactive interface, is the latest free plugin developed by Mario Nieto, an independent software developer, 3D artist, and music creator.

At the center of the display, you’ll find an XY pad to control both the Pitch and the Time controls of the left and right channels simultaneously. The X axis is mapped to the Pitch while the Y axis is mapped to the Time.

Otherwise, you can switch off the panel and link mode to change individual parameters.

For instance, by combining pitched delays with high Feedback values, you can get crazy results ranging from metallic effects to shimmering and sci-fi sounds.

At the bottom of the plugin, a big Dry/Wet knob controls the amount of the applied effect and can be a useful parameter to automate in your DAW along with the others.

Indeed, the plugin lends itself to creative applications instead of more technical audio tasks.

One of its design limitations is that, in the current beta version, you can’t see the values of individual controls displayed.

Delay&Pitch was developed with Csound, an old-fashioned but powerful programming environment, and it’s part of the installation package in case you don’t already have it in your system.

It’s available as a x64 VST2 plugin for Windows and AU/VST for MAC. It does not support VST3, unfortunately.

You can download it as a pay-what-you-want on Gumroad, with no minimum pricing.

We also suggest checking out the other products by the same developer. The selection includes several interesting freebies.

Overall, Mario’s plugins share the same experimental and creative ethos, with a strong focus on generative applications.

FGG or Filter Groove Generator, for instance, comprises a 16-step sequencer with a filter control on each step that can be adjusted manually or randomly with the random function.

MidiFidget is a Max For Live device that generates MIDI notes snapped to a specified mode and scale, with additional controls to customize the generation process to your needs.

Other devices are even more game influenced, such as the Pokesample Ball, which can capture or import already recorded sounds and sequence them with random pitch variations for all 16 available steps.

There are even lite free versions of paid products to try out, like Random Chords Generator Free.

As is always the case with free/donationware software, it’s a good idea to support the developer with optional donations if you enjoy his work.

Download: Delay&Pitch (Name your own price)


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