Get Native Instruments Music Essentials Bundle For $24 (OFFER EXPIRED)


Plugin Alliance offers a $24 deal on the Music Essentials Bundle by Native Instruments. UPDATE: Unfortunately, this offer has expired.

It really does seem like an endless deluge of sales out there currently. If you aren’t tired of sales yet and want to add a plethora of tools to your plugin folder, why not check out the Native Instruments Music Essentials Bundle over at Plugin Alliance.

For a limited time, you can snag this six-plugin bundle for a cool $24, provided you use your $25 voucher from PA. If you don’t get the emails, this month’s code is AUGUST-25-OFF, which you enter at checkout.

What’s included in Music Essentials? You get a pair of instruments in the form of Playbox and Duets. In case you’re after some mixing tools, you also get Ozone Elements, Replika XT, Neoverb, and bx_console N.

I’m not super familiar with Playbox and Duets, but they are very much in line with the bite-sized instruments NI has been pushing on the Kontakt ecosystem for the last few Komplete updates. Playbox is a more inventive playground of sound, capable of going a little out of your comfort zones.

Neoverb is decent if you’re tired of your DAW’s stock reverb, and it sounds fairly solid on drums.

I’m a huge fan of Replika XT; it is one of my favorite delays. It can do huge expanses, or tidy slapback echoes with ease.

Ozone Elements is likely a familiar quantity to anyone who reads this site. Still, it’s always nice to have some mastering utilities if you are noticeably short on them.

bx_console N is a solid little channel strip emulating a more modern Neve desk. It is showing its age a bit compared to the likes of Lindell 50 and the SSL J series desk PA sells.

All said, it is a fun bundle for an absolute steal of a price. The offer itself lasts until the 2nd of August, so act quick before it disappears.

The Music Essentials bundle is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3, AU, and AAX. A good majority of these are Apple Silicon-compatible, speaking from personal experience.

The only one I’m unsure about is bx_channel N. If you do have bx_console N, please feel free to share if it’s usable for the Silicon line of computers.

Check out the deal: Native Instruments Music Essentials Bundle (UPDATE: Unfortunately, this offer has expired.)


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  1. You had to be superquick to use it. I subscribe to PAs newsletter and the voucher didn’t work when I tried it like 8-9 hours ago (CET, Swedish time). By the way you also had to have at least $32 net on your order for the voucher to be valid. So you couldn’t just snatch the bundle for $24. And what’s even more weird when I put items in the cart at the checkout it ads 25% of the order to the total because “VAT Sweden (25%)”. Am I missing something? Is this a new law? Because so far a $29 plugin included VAT at the checkout.

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