Channel Robot Gainer Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time


Channel Robot offers the Gainer plugin as a free download for a limited time. The plugin normally costs $29.95, but you can get it free with the coupon code GAINERFREE.

There is something to be said for plugins that act as basic utilities. I’m not a fan of touching faders on the DAW until it’s time for the final mixdown.

Gainer by Channel Robot seems to be built around this ethos, with a trio of super useful functions.

On the surface, Gainer is a simple gain utility. You have a gigantic knob at the middle of the interface, which can add +24 dB or take away -100 dB.

If this was all Gainer could do, that would be fine, I suppose. But Channel Robot’s new plugin comes with some extra functions that make it more useful.

Gainer features an inverted gating compressor, which eliminates unwanted noise in the signal path. This functions like any regular gate to my ears. You set the threshold, attack, and release, and are off to the races.

It seems to function well enough. The noise gate responded quite well to the line noise from some raw vocal and DI guitar tracks in a project I’m working on.

You can also invert the audio phase with a single toggle of a button. I love this feature, even if there isn’t much to it. Being able to swap the phase around is always useful, especially when you’re mixing drums and the like.

My only real complaint is I wish it had an auto-level for the gain itself, so you could set RMS or peak levels and let the audio be set there with minimal effort. However, that’s more a personal quibble than anything against the plugin itself.

Gainer normally retails for $29.99, but with the addition of the code GAINERFREE at checkout, you can snag it for nothing.

The download process is also fairly simple, with a single file for all supported operating systems. Installation and authentication were easy on Windows and MacOS, so that’s a benefit.

Gainer is available for the aforementioned Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU. Channel Robot does support Apple Silicon systems, so you should be well sorted if you’re on an M1 and M2.

Check out the deal: Gainer (Use code GAINERFREE at checkout)


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  1. Kinda agree with you William Frady. My first thought when i saw in the title “Robot Gainer”, was excitement at there being possibly another free auto-leveler to check out (I’m always looking out for a better one). Was somewhat disappointed haha.

  2. Michal Ochedowski


    Some developers still need to rethink the idea of putting input and output level meters on the opposite ends of the plugin.

  3. mrg (not a robot)


    I also would like to point out to the William Frady individual and the normal people of the bedroomproducers blog dot com audience of the concerning ableist language about robots who are innocently used in this plugin. *bleep * bloop*

    • Havent tried RobotGainer yet, but from the description i would say: LetiMix GainMatch is so much more…

      GainMatch can auto-gain, add gain compensation for any plugin chain, reroute signals between arbitrary channels, give you a delta-signal to hear what another plugin really changes, has a save-your-ears-emergency-auto-mute, …

      Of all the stuff i ever bought, GainMatch was certainly one of the most well thought and polished effects/utility plugins, and the only other ones in my collection i would see at the same level are the TokyoDawn plugins.

  4. There is no way I’m copying and pasting a pdf download link. The sketchiest way of downloading a plugin I’ve ever seen.

  5. I have inherent distrust on anyone that uses the term “phase switch ” when they mean “polarity”, coupled with that UI, AND that dodgy download method I think I’m ok for volume fader and gate plugins thank you 🤣🤣

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