Get Audio Assault’s Prestige Amp Locker FREE For A Limited Time


Audio Assault offers the Prestige guitar amp suite as a free download for a limited time.

I have a particular fondness for guitar software, so I always relish these announcements for amp sims.

Audio Assault has introduced a new guitar processing ecosystem, Amp Locker. To help new users test the software, they are also offering up the Prestige sim free for a limited time.

Now, Amp Locker has a quartet of paid amps, with the two newest running $7 a piece. There’s a Peavey 6505 and Mesa Dual Rectifier modeled.

Hellbeast and the AHM 5050 are also available, though I don’t know how you’ll integrate them into Amp Locker. I’ve had AHM 5050 for a few years now and it didn’t seem to register my purpose, but I digress.

Prestige appears to be modeled after a Marshall head of some sort, at least going by the general sound of it as well as the 1959 positioned on the graphical interface.

I was able to dial in my usual hard rock tones just by rolling up the master and sweeping back some of the bass frequencies. You get a handful of pedals, like distortion and overdrive, which are always handy.

The on-board effects are solid enough. I’m not super fond of the reverb, which sounds a touch too metallic for my own tastes.

The delay and modulation effects sound good enough for noodling around in prep for this article.

AA’s cab section is super easy to navigate. They were courteous enough to package quite a few IRs for sound sculpting. Audio Assault has always given relatively good value, punching well above its weight when compared to the likes of NeuralDSP.

Prestige should be a fine addition for any guitar player, and Amp Locker seems an enticing competitor to the likes of Amp Box from Mercuriall Audio.

I am a fan of high-gain amps, so I did noodle about with the 6505 and Dual Rec demos. They sound great to my ears, but I would love to see some more off-kilter high-gain amps.

Amp Locker, and Prestige, are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. There are binaries for both Apple Silicon and Intel Apples, so you should be well covered. Linux support only extends to x86_64 processors.

Download: Amp Locker (FREE)


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    • Thanks for the info, will check it out.

      Sample Science has got the skates on for sure, is this the second or third freebie released this week?

  1. Tested this yesterday, then tested a freebie setup today.
    MarsJFD + Lancaster Pulse + Redwirez free IRs.
    These freebies are SO much better it’s laughable.

  2. Audio Assault’s amp sims tend to be better-than-average, imo, particularly when it comes to realistic playing response.

    Will be interesting to see how this latest stacks up. Stacks up. Get it. a ha hah ha

  3. ViatorDSP released the LV-50A Parametric EQ. I thought it was an update, but it seems to be a completely new plugin:

  4. SampleScience released the UltraBasic v2 (not compatible with the previous version), a simple 10 waveforms synthesizer aimed at beginners who want to learn the very basics of sound synthesis:

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  6. Until Wednesday 30th August, Mode Audio (who produce sound packs and audio tools, presets, also… theres 800mb of free sounds at the bottom of the linked page if needed) Here: Have hooked up with Waves to offer “Waves – One Knob Wetter” audio plug-In Free (Delay / Reverb) Here:

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