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BABY Audio releases Transit, a multi-effect for designing transitions. We’re taking a closer look at the plugin and giving away one FREE copy to one lucky BPB reader!

Transit ($59 intro price – usually $99), a multi-effects transition design plugin for macOS and Windows, is the latest release from a developer fast becoming one of my favorites, Baby Audio.

Baby Audio brought us plugins like TAIP, Crystalline, and the excellent Yamaha CS01 emulation BA-1.

This time, the developer has teamed up with producer and popular YouTube musician/educator Andrew Huang.

Many of you have probably seen Andrew’s videos, which range from making music with random items (including a rubber chicken) to cover songs, original releases, and production tutorials. The quirky stuff on his channel is a lot of fun, but the serious stuff is very useful; he’s an absolute powerhouse musician.

Transit is a transition designer that does two things: it allows you to make incredibly complex transitions and makes it incredibly easy. It’s easy because Transit enables you to do things from a single user-friendly plugin that would previously have required multiple tracks, plugins, and automation lanes.

Transit helps you create interesting build-ups, massive drops, motion effects, risers, sweeps, and anything else that takes you from one section to the next.

The plugin offers eighteen custom-designed effect modules that are assignable across seven available slots.

Available effects modules include AutoPan – BitCrusher – Chorus – Delay – Distortion – Filter 12 – Filter 24 – Flanger – Noise – Osc – OTT -Phaser – Pitch Shift – Pump – Reverb – Spread – Tremolo – Utility.

You can see from the included modules whether you’re working on a House anthem, a Pop hook, or a captivating film trailer, you have everything you need for epic transitions.

As you load effects modules, you’ll see appropriate parameter controls for each. The magic of Transit lies in the ability to assign every parameter (or as many as you like) to the global Macro Control, the Transition knob.

Once you assign parameters to the Transition knob and set start/end amounts, you have one knob controlling an incredible amount of movement across (up to) seven effects modules and countless parameters. Now, you can automate the Transition knob (Macro Control) and forget needing more automation lanes.

Working inside Transit is easy because everything is clear to see, and it makes your workflow much neater, which will be a real timesaver down the line. Of course, it’s also useful as a static effect without automation.

Transit comes with over 300 presets suitable across a mix or single tracks, and it has an intelligent randomizer.

Another key feature of Transit is Sequencer Mode, which lets you trigger DAW-synced transitions, meaning you can avoid automation lanes altogether. You can set the length of your transition, then hit play, and it will start on the next bar; the play/stop buttons are MIDI assignable, so it’s ideal for live use.

Inside Sequencer Mode, you’ll find Pendulum and Loop Modes. Loop mode is exciting because it gives you this powerful LFO tool that throws up unexpected effects you can fade in and out or let run wild.

Transitions are often a sticking point in composition and production; it’s not uncommon to have points A and B in your mind but still be unsure how to get from one to the other.

I’m lucky enough to have spent a little time with Transit, and it really does make things easier. I’m only scratching the surface here; it’s a plugin you can easily get lost in but lost creatively, not left in a confused, unenthusiastic state because you’ve lost control of what’s happening – I already like it a lot!

Transit is available in AU, VST, and AAX formats for macOS (10.7 upwards) and Windows (7 upwards).

Buy: Transit (Intro Sale 40% off – Now $59)

The Giveaway

BABY Audio offers a FREE copy of Transit to one lucky BPB reader.

To enter the giveaway, answer the following question in the comments below: What is your favorite BABY Audio plugin?

We will randomly select and announce the lucky winner on this page on Monday, September 4th.

Good luck, everyone, and thank you for reading Bedroom Producers Blog!

🏆 The lucky winner is our reader Jozef, who commented: Comeback Kid.

Believe it or not, this is the first time ever that our random comment picker selected the first entry! Congratulations to Jozef! We will email you the prize right away.

Everyone else, thanks for participating in the giveaway, and better luck next time. We have many more giveaways and freebies coming soon!

Thank you for reading BPB! ❤️

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  1. I truly like the TRANSIT plugin and I think it is way more powerful than just a transition plugin !
    this thing is going to be awesome to bring variation to synths and other sounds, be a powerful FX rack on its own, and yes it will be making MASSIVE hits on the dance floor !
    One thing I immediately thought, I would love a good piece of hardware to control it …. or even motion .. with camera maybe .. I’d love to work with Baby Audio … as a music geek who discovered Reason in 2000 I haven’t stopped exploring music and am finally working properly on writing my first album, heavy use of synths guitars and FX I love this SO MUCH and I think I will buy if I don’t win but I would love to win indeed as I will use this in SO MANY WAYS !!
    Excited !!

  2. My favorite plugin by Baby Audio so far is Crystalline. Really beautiful reverb! This new Transit plugin looks amazing too! Thank you for all of the great content BPB! I’m checking the site every single day and found so many awesome plugins because of you! :)

  3. Darren Russell


    This is so cool! Just watched Andrews video on this, it will save me soooo much time. Actually, this looks insane to use live too!

    My favourite Baby Audio plug-in is Crystalline. Man, that plug-in is really special. I have used it so much since i got it. So much depth and so many options.

  4. Now trasit is my favorite baby audio plug-in. I already have several baby products, each of which is very distinctive. I’m glad to see that baby audio can make more and more interesting products.

  5. Rolf Amundsen


    My favorite has to be comeback kid! I use it all the time.

    Big congrats to Baby Audio and Andrew for the plugin, it looks awesome!

  6. Nothing comes close to TAIP…. Amazing work on the tape saturation, sounds so real and fat! I use it as a saturator and it sounds amazing!!!!

  7. it’s a hard choice because they’re all great and their free ones are so good I can’t believe they don’t cost anything but I’d say I use Super VHS and Baby Comeback the most. I love how simple and good sounding Magic Dice is- whenever I need a unique delay and don’t feel like messing with a bunch of settings I just roll the dice until it sounds right

  8. Mark Minassian (aka I Am Winkle)


    In all honesty its Transit! I watched the video by Andrew Huang and was blown away by the potential of this plugin. I have other multiple effects plugins but noting even cons close to Transit. The combination of effect possibilities is, well mind boggling. his will become a must have among producers, both pro and budding home studio folks alike.

  9. Magic Dice! The lucky dip approach is fun and can throw out some wild effects that spark inspiration.
    I’ve saved loads of cool presets from this cool little pluggin.

  10. Why not many people mentioned Super VHS? It has a great selection of tape tones, but also the flexibility to sculpt the sound and add movement with the compression and other controls. The interface is straightforward but also open to more advanced fine-tuning. And the whole plugin just has a great character that I always find inspiring!

  11. the only baby audio plugin ive used is i heart ny since i got it with a bundle of other plugins, so by default thats my favourite.

    would love to give transit a spin since it seems really fun.

  12. well i’ve made mistakes and i’ve been hard hit i said so what so what if i did i’m
    the clear eyes , im

  13. This is a difficult question to answer… because only one product within their entire range is so good… but I would say that the BA-1 has an incredible sound. Within the range of creative processes I could include Spaced out. and the Taip generates an incredible coloration

  14. TAIP has quickly become my go-to plug-in for interesting results on all tracks, but I especially love what it does to vocals and guitars! I have other tape emulations including native UAD plugins and CHOW (free) but I keep coming back to TAIP. Sometimes the presets are all I need, or just a few minor tweaks to a preset, There are SO MANY presets it’s ridiculous. This company makes such innovative products!

  15. I have none of their plugins but when I saw the video by Andrew I instantly thought that this concept would perfectly fit in my workflow!

  16. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to buy it yet, but from what I’ve seen and heard from others on YouTube, Spaced Out is just amazing.

  17. Current fav is Crystalline, but as a Logic user I could see Transit becoming a widely used plugin for me with that macro knob.

  18. I would have to say Magic Dice. Randomization comes in great handy for sound design, and having something I can modulate for the randomization is always awesome.

  19. I’m using mostly freeware nowadays and Pitch Drift is one of my favourites… It’s excellent for spicing up sterile vsts!

  20. First, a thank you to realize not only à giveaway, but also to motivatie so many People to give their expert opinion… To me, it’s Crystalline, and Magic Switch

  21. Claus Petersen


    My number one Baby Audio plugin is Spaced Out. But it is in sharp competition with their Crystalline plugin, which i also own

  22. Maybe the classic Super VHS. Does exactly what the plugins name said. Often this kind of Lo-Fi tape effects sound bad but this one is nice.

  23. Beats With Kev


    Too many good games and plugins out this week!

    My favorite by far is SuperVHS. I can throw it on a majority of things and get a whole new vibe and mood.

  24. Of course Magic Dice I use it on all my sound design, I love it gives me something new to the sound every time I press the Dice!

  25. Crystalline would have to be my favorite. really is one of the best sounding reverbs available and it has a great workflow

  26. Stubbie of Mana


    Honestly I think transit is going to be my favourite. I’ve followed Andrew for atleast a decade and his always had a great eye for design and unique ways to be creative.

  27. My favorite BABY Audio plugin is Smooth Operator ,
    But i also like this one Transit, it might be my new favorite.

  28. MY favorite is Baby Audio Crystalline, it is so unique and great and fun for creating cool breaks and as ushual low on CPU easy to use and a great GUI what more could you want : )

  29. Igor Tsigelman


    First and foremost, all of their products are phenomenal, so having to solely choose one is serving Baby Audio an injustice that I am not prepared to do. So be it as it may, I guess my answer doesn’t qualify, or does it? Only time will tell and I guess we will see on Monday, September 4th.

  30. Can’t say it is exactly my favorite, since I have not actually tried it out,
    but from the demos I have heard, I would love to fool around with:
    Spaced Out – I mean just the name!

  31. El Super VHS y Parallel Aggressor son mis favoritos, el Magic Dice me parece un súper plug-in, ya quiero probar esta joya de Transit.

  32. My favorite plugin from Baby Audio would actually have to be Transit. I realize this is what you’re giving away, but I picked it up immediately the other day and have enjoyed every minute I’ve spent using it. If I win I’ll just give the license to a friend as a gift!

  33. Daniel Calado.


    I don’t own it but it’s Spaced Out. As for the freebies, I’m a huge fan of Pitch Drift but I love all of them. Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone.

  34. I like all the tools “Baby Audio” is making lately and my favorite plugin is difficult but….
    Crystaline is my favorite too good.

  35. I haven’t had a chance to use the Baby Audio plugins, but Transit really makes it easy to work on transitions, I think it can be very useful, at least for me..

  36. I use Smooth Operator on everything and absolutely love it! Definitely my favorite Baby Audio plugin right now, but Transit might change that.

  37. My favorite by far is IHNY2. I❤️NY mk1 was cool, but mk2 takes the cake in terms of useful features for solid parallel compression tones.

  38. Laura Reynolds


    I love all Baby Audio’s plugins and can’t wait to try Transit! Hard to pick a favorite, but I’ll go with Spaced Out.

  39. For me, it’s Parallel Aggressor, with Comeback Kid a close second place. Love the ease of operation and how quickly usable results can be achieved.

  40. Enrique Mancia


    Magic Dice. When you need something but don’t know what exactly, this will at least give you ideas and inspiration, if not the final result you didn’t know you needed.

  41. I like Spaced Out’s Lush Echo/Reverb effect. It has its own magic and I believe combining it with Transit would create a unique combo of effects.

  42. Theodoros Papadopoulos


    One of best new way of thinking Reverbs!
    I don’t know how many times I used it since it got out.

  43. Transit!!
    is absolutely my favorite after testing it for a few days.
    Would be magical to be able to win a copy so I can really start using it for real. :)

  44. My favourite Baby Audio Plugin so far has to be the BA-1, as there are very few emulations of the famous Yamaha CS-01 out there (especially in the software domain), although I do love Comeback Kid and Magic Dice.

  45. Comeback Kid. It has the unique ability of producing the exact delay style that I want, when I need it. Adding some swirl and sauce is just an added cherry on top.

  46. I really like the Pitch Drift, it makes things feel a bit more natural sometimes, I’d love to try Transit at some point though.

  47. Pitch Drift’s great for a free plug. Outside of that, Keylay, Baby Comeback and Crystalline are pretty dope. Sorry, couldn’t choose one.

    • BTW, thanks for making me compare all the Baby Audio plugs I’ve got! Just now realizing how a combo of ’em can be some real fire!

  48. I love Crystalline. Have tried so many different plugins and this one is by far the best I have found. Saving money to buy more from BabyAudio.

  49. smooth operator
    because of how good it sounds and how easy it is to work with it. It has saved me from several atrocities that with other accessories I have not been able to solve

  50. Unos de los que mas uso es Baby Comeback y Magic Switch este ultimo me sorprende la GUI sencilla y lo potente que es.

  51. Transit …..!
    talked to the Support Team and the only implementation I am missing in this plugin is
    the preset change parameter in the automation…
    have been told they will investigate…
    Keep it up BABY AUDIO

  52. Transit…!
    Great plugin.
    The only thing that is missing is a preset-change parameter in the automation.
    would be great to be able to automate program or preset changes in the future update!
    talked to the support team..they are on it ..
    Keep it up Baby Audio

  53. Eu uso o cristaline
    E o comeberk
    Com certeza os pluguins Baby áudio são mes favoritos
    Trazendo mais vida qualidade ao o nosso áudio
    E com certeza desejo ter o transient pra completar minha coleção baby áudio

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