HoRNet DeeLay Is FREE Only Today!


HoRNet Audio offers the HoRNet DeeLay plugin as a free download today only. The offer expires in a few hours, so act fast!

I want to publish this article as soon as possible, so here’s a very brief overview of the plugin.

HoRNet DeeLay is a delay effect that mimics 90s digital delay hardware units. Unlike the usual vintage delays that emulate tape echo units, HoRNet Audio’s plugin focuses on capturing the imperfect sound of early digital delays.

It reminds me of an old BOSS delay unit I used in a studio with my band around 20 years ago. The sound is slightly lo-fi but has an interesting character that sounds great on guitars.

You can, of course, experiment with using HoRNet DeeLay on other audio sources, too. Another excellent option is to apply a short lo-fi delay on a synth arpeggio to add a bit of complexity and depth.

The control layout is simple – you get two delay lines, each with adjustable time and stereo feedback, panning, and a single LFO for modulation. It’s easy to dial in different settings in a hurry while allowing plenty of room for experimentation, which I love seeing in a delay plugin.

The only minor nitpick I have is the look and feel of the GUI. It’s slightly too dark for my taste, lacking in contrast. Of course, I’m sure many other producers will appreciate the dark look during those long mixing sessions in a dark studio.

Anyway, HoRNet DeeLay delay is an excellent delay plugin that typically costs €7,99 on the developer’s website. You can get it for free today, though!

To get your free copy of HoRNet DeeLay, visit the product page linked below and complete the checkout process. The free license will be added to your HoRNet Audio user account.

HoRNet DeeLay is compatible with VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats on Windows and macOS.

The offer expires very soon, so act fast. And if you like free delay plugins, don’t miss the new NastyDLA mkIII from Variety of Sound.

Download: HoRNet DeeLay


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Already redeemed yesterday, but heavily appreciate your efforts in rushing to get an article out within the short remaining time-window! :)

  2. Michal Ochedowski


    Thanks for the good news. Delays with two independent lines for left and right side are not that common. Very fast ordering process. Three minutes in total.

  3. After 20 minutes I have a Hornet installer spinning before asking for username and password. I realised I didn’t need another delay. :)

  4. weirdly, what I like abour DeeLay is it’s crudeness; we’re so used to having tape emulations with smooth interpolation when you adjust the delay time that it’s kind of fun to have one where changing the time results in so many chaotic artifacts. Especially with the feedback at 100% for endless looping possibilites.

  5. Well, i tried. Had to disable script blocker so the site could check if my connection was secure. K. First time putting in my customer informations the host was down. 2nd time worked, but didn’t recognize my account but i got the emails. One had a link for downloading an installer (which i hate with a passion) that got me lots of errors.
    Win764bit. VSTs work just fine mhm. I have enough delays anyway.

    Thanks for the offer tho.

    • Once you have an account, and ‘ordered’ the plugin, got to the “My Account” tab at the top of the page. There’s links to the all-in-one installer, but also links to individual plugins in your account.
      You don’t even have to read the email. ;-)

      • Scherbenfabrik


        I didn’t know that. However, i got a link for the individual plugin in the email, which requires me to download and run an app (the ‘installer’, maybe i was misleading on that part, English isn’t my native). This app was causing the problems.
        I decided another delay (which looks nice tho) isn’t worth that much time and work that i would need to find out whats wrong and how to fix it.

        Thank you for the reply and the infos, i will take a look in my account. :)

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