Variety of Sound Releases FREE NastyDLA mkIII Delay Plugin For Windows.


Variety of Sound releases NastyDLA mkIII, a freeware delay plugin for Windows.

Variety of Sound is a favorite developer for many people in the freeware scene. The much-loved developer has given us plugins like TesslaPRO mkIII (saturation tool) and ThrillseekerLA mkII (limiting amplifier).

Now, Variety of Sound is back with NastyDLA mkIII, a delay effect that will definitely earn a spot on our list of free delay plugins.

NastyDLA first appeared a little over a decade ago and was very well-received by users.

The concept of the plugin was to take the classic chorus/echo combination, throw in some tape-delay simulation, and wrap it in a user-friendly interface. While the concept isn’t new and wasn’t new a decade ago, there were (and still are) some pretty expensive plugins that just don’t get it right.

So, the idea of a free plugin that could turn a weak guitar or synth line into something monstrous is more than welcome.

NastyDLA applies feedback-driven delay while adding extra harmonics and tape-style saturation.

At its core, NastyDLA is a plugin with abundant color and character.

NastyDLA mkII introduced new stateful saturation algorithms, which produced a more authentic analog character. It also featured a redesigned tape compression algorithm for improved IM distortion.

The mkII version came around 2012, so it’s been quite a few years since then, and I think previous users and newcomers will be excited about this latest edition.

NastyDLA mkIII follows the trend by focusing on improvements under the hood. The popular delay plugin now boasts state-of-the-art signal processing, which improves compression, cross-feedback delay, and gain staging modes.

The new release also addresses common user requests by adding oversampling and VST3 support.

As I said, the developers focused on under-the-hood changes, and previous users will be glad to know that the interface remains the same.

Some developers have this strange ability to make an interface with only a few controls look incredibly clustered. NastyDLA mkIII has quite a busy interface, but it’s a good example of a sensible/functional layout that makes good use of space and, ultimately, creates a more pleasing user experience.

If I had to find one complaint, I wish it was available for macOS and Windows. But I say that as a stubborn Mac user who knows what I got myself into, so no real complaints.

NastyDLA mkIII is available in 32/64-bit VST and VST3 formats for Windows.

Download: NastyDLA mkIII


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    • mkII had 64bit support, but only VST2.
      mkIII has 64bit VST3, and a new plugin ID so you can have both/not have problems with existing projects

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