Get WA Production’s Vocal Splitter FREE For A Limited Time


VSTBuzz offers the Vocal Splitter plugin by WA Production as a FREE download until the end of September.

What better way to start the week than with a free plugin? The good folks at VSTBuzz have the same mentality and have made Vocal Splitter free for a limited time.

For the uninitiated, Vocal Splitter is a vocal processing plugin meant to enhance mono vocals. This is accomplished with a few different key controls.

You have five central knobs that function as the main control set for the plugin itself.

In the center is the mix knob, which is just a dry/wet control. Going clockwise, you have a depth knob which increases the overall perceivable nature of the effect. Next up is the drive knob, which adds distortion and grit.

This is followed by a dual-purpose knob that serves as a high and low-pass filter, which helps apply the effect to a specific targeted band. The controls are rounded out by the speed knob, which dictates how fast the effect works.

In practice, I’d have to say Vocal Splitter functions akin to a chorus or microdelay. It has a set spacing to give width to vocals.

Now, you could easily achieve this with the delay of your choice, but that takes time. If you want something that just works out of the box, then Vocal Splitter might be the plugin for you.

You’ve got until the end of September to snag it, so there’s plenty of time to hem and haw before grudgingly adding it to your cart and downloading it. I didn’t get much time to play with it, but it seems to work well enough on some vocal stems I had at hand.

I typically use my evergreen companions of reverb and delay for adding width to vocal lines, but this works quite well on certain sound sources. Clean vocals work quite well, but metalcore vocals left me wondering what life decisions I made to get to the point of trying to make them more lush.

Vocal Splitter is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, AU, and AAX. There is an Apple Silicon binary, but you’ll have to use the AU only. The VST and AAX for Mac require Rosetta to load in ARM-native hosts.

Download: Vocal Splitter (FREE until the end of September)


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  1. When I try to add the redeem code from VSTBuzz on the WA Production web site I allways get the message “Something went wrong, please try again later.”

    • Just tried it there and it worked no problem. I did copy the serial into notepad first to make sure there were no gaps/line breaks.

    • Not just me then !

      Nothing worked fror me either. Despite help from their support team and half a dozen emails.

      I finally managed to download, and install it, only to find it’s just a “trial” version that needs “authorizing”. The “redeem” code they emailed me didn’t work (if it was for that purpose ?).

      Uninstalled and deleted, Awful experience !

  2. “Vocal Splitter is a vocal processing plugin meant to enhance mono vocals”

    How often do one record in mono and not stereo these days ?

    • Literally any time you record something with a single mic, like a voice. I have literally never seen someone try to record a voice specifically in Stereo. why would anyone do that?

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