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Denise Audio is giving away three plugins from their catalog for free when you subscribe to their newsletter – read the article below to learn how to get Crush, Slappy, and Bad Tape for free.

The company is about to launch its new website with a rebuilt catalog, so you may have to wait a few days before receiving the freebies after you’ve subscribed to their mailing list.

If you’re new to Denise Audio, they are a Berlin/Amsterdam-based plugin developer company focused on intuitive audio plugins and creative effects.

They had already given us cool freebies in the past, such as Noize Retro, an interesting adaptive noise generator effect.

If you want more, you can now get My Crush, Slappy, and Bad Tape for free as well!

My Crush

My Crush, a lovely name, by the way, is unsurprisingly a bit crusher plugin.

It’s a simplified version of the premium Bite Harder plugin, but it shares the same brutal algorithm.

The individual Reduce and Resample dials allow you to gradually destroy and degrade your audio signals, while the Stutter control is a creative added effect option.

You also get six different preset curves to change the tone and vibrancy of the bit-crusher.

A very cool feature is the possibility to filter and scoop out the frequencies with independent HPF and LPF both in Pre and Post-processing.

Lastly, the Mix knob lets you blend the desired effect to taste.


Slappy is a simple-to-use saturated slapback delay with a great sound.

It shares the same Bad Tape’s hysteresis saturation smooth algorithm, which creates a warm and analog sound emulated from vintage tape machines.

The added value of Slappy is its CPU efficiency, so it may be a perfect candidate to look for when you just need a classic slapback delay effect on your guitars or vocals, for example.

Bad Tape

Talking of Bad Tape, it is what the name sounds like.

Its main focus is to create extreme tape artifacts with controls like Harm, Hiss, Squeal, Wow, and Flutter.

I think this plugin is the most unique among the three described since most tape emulation plugins emulate ‘good’ tape behavior.

So Bad Tape can be your bizarre go-to plugin for weird, wonky effects.

It’s also interactive and perfect for use in real-time in arrangements and live edits.

For instance, by keeping the Detune button pressed, you can create a tape-stop effect in real time.

All these plugins are built for both Windows and macOS users, with VST, VST3, AU, and AAX as available formats.

Download: My Crush, Slappy, Bad Tape (requires subscribing to Denise Audio newsletter)


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  1. Just watched the Bad Tape video and I’d really like to play with it but I got an email that says I gotta wait for a couple of days :(

  2. So I got an Email from Denise.

    There will be a delay between the time you sign up to the time you get your freebies due to the site update.

    • Yep, got the same reply.

      “Your Denise Audio Freebies are on their way. We’re currently rebuilding our catalogue, so please give us a few days. We’ll send them to you when they’re ready.

      Stay tuned!”

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      • Why would you categorize my previous comment and hint at this sample pack as “SPAM”? If you are not interested in that sample pack (maybe you have no relation to HipHop music) why even bother to comment?

        Being online obviously affects the personality of some people in a very detrimental way!!

        • I would be flattered, Obo genuinely thought you were a professional trying to spam the comment section. But no, just a guy spreading some info. ;-)

          Now, about that pickle… I’m waiting.

  4. Michal Ochedowski


    Did anyone receive any messages from Denise Audio about these plugins being available? I just realized that it’s been over 6 days and still no info.

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