Universal Audio Flash Sale – Popular UAD Plugins For $39 Each!


Plugin Boutique is running a flash sale on some of Universal Audio’s best-rated plugins ($39 sale price), offering up to 88% discounts.

The sale is on now, but it ends on October 2nd, so don’t wait if you want to pick up a rare bargain.

I’m pretty excited about this one because I know a lot of people missed the recent flash sales on individual UAD products. This time, we’ve got ten UAD products up for grabs at just £39 each, up to 88% off the regular prices.

The products available for $39 are:

All plugins/collections listed above without a value have a £299 retail price.

With each plugin/collection available for just £39, that’s a minimum saving of £260, which is pretty epic!

I’m a sucker for most things 80s, and since the 1978 Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb was all over that decade, and a hardware unit can cost a small fortune, I’ll be picking up UAD’s emulation.

UAD’s Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb plugin uses the same algorithms and control processor code from the original hardware (based on the rare firmware version 4.4). The plugin offers all eight reverb programs and the chorus program.

The hardware unit was famous for its tactile controls (sliders and buttons), which the plugin interface mirrors accurately. Most importantly, it’s sure to make me sound like Peter Gabriel (results may vary).

Another one that got my attention straight away is the Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip. The Manley VOXBOX provides everything you’d expect from a channel strip; it features a tube preamp, optical compressor, passive EQ, and De-Esser.

The gain control injects negative feedback into the input circuit, making it a tone control, too, and it sounds lovely. Although optimized for vocals, this channel strip is just as useful on instrument tracks.

I’m typically drawn to things like 1176, Pultec, or Fairchild collections. As much as I want them, I probably have enough plugins to emulate those, so I’m trying to be practical, which is rare.

Having said that, I’ll probably change my mind another five times before buying anything. Since we can’t get into every plugin on offer, please feel free to share your favourites and why in the comments!

Remember, the sale ends on October 2nd, 2023.

Talking of time-sensitive offers, don’t forget you can get Pulsar Audio’s w495 EQ plugin FREE until October 31st.

Check out the deal: Universal Audio Flash Sale (Each plugin is available for $39 until October 2nd)


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  1. Crazy cool. I wonder how the VOXBOX compares to the SSL VocalStrip2 that I have. I mean, for the price, it’s worth checking out. Thanks!

  2. Does anyone has experience with the “APi Vision Channel Strip”? There has been a discussion if the new version is really better than the now called legacy version. The price is tempting but I wasn’t too impressed from listening to demos.

  3. Good news, it appears that these plugins do not require UAD hardware. They do have UAD interface optimizations, but should work with any brand based on the product copy.

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