HoRNet Graffio Multi-Band Saturation Effect Is FREE (OFFER EXPIRED)


HoRNet Plugins offers the HoRNet Graffio multi-band distortion effect as a free download until October 7th, 2023 (GMT+2). The offer ends in 12 hours from now.

I want to share this with you as soon as possible, so I’ll keep the article short (these 24-hour from HoRNet  Plugins deals are crazy!).

So, what is HoRNet Graffio?

It’s a multi-band distortion, saturation, and bitcrusher effect with low, mid, and high bands. You can fine-tune the crossover frequency to suit the material you’re working on.

Each band lets you apply three different types of processing to the signal: saturation/distortion, bitcrushing, and exciter. You can also set the volume of each band, so there’s plenty of legroom for processing and completely reshaping the audio signal on the input.

You also get some cool additional features like 4X oversampling, a pair of filters for cleaning up the signal before it reaches the multi-band processor, and mute buttons for each band.

Multi-band tools are extremely powerful for mixing, mastering, or sound design. You can do many things with a flexible multi-band saturator like this one, from gently enhancing a bassline’s mid frequencies without smudging the lows to completely obliterating a dull synth sound into a screaming lead sound.

I also love using tools like HoRNet Graffio for processing vocals for cinematic sound design. Multi-band processing makes it easy to completely change the natural tone of a human voice and make it sound otherworldly – great for recreating Darth Vader’s voice (after some pitch shifting, of course).

So, HoRNet Graffio unlocks the world of multi-band processing for you. It typically costs 11,99€, but HoRNet Plugins offers it for free today.

The tricky part is that the offer expires very soon. There are only twelve hours left at the time of writing this article (unfortunately, the deal went live while I was sleeping), so I hope at least some BPB readers will be able to get this one before the offer expires.

I’ll also share the article across BPB’s social media channels and the newsletter to share it with as many readers as possible.

HoRNet Graffio is available in VST2, VST3, AU, and RTAS plugin formats for 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows and macOS. Only 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

Before you go, please note that the HoRNet Plugins website is currently under heavy load because of this deal, so be patient and try refreshing the page in your browser a few times if necessary.

Okay, it turns out the article didn’t end up short at all – I guess my best writing is done under pressure while the clock is ticking in my face. Bring it on, plugin developers!


Get the deal: HoRNet Graffio (FREE until October 7th, 2023 (GMT+2))


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Scherbenfabrik


    Got it. Thank you for the quick news! o7
    Would have missed it otherwise for sure. Looking forward to try this out on some bass tracks.

  2. I do like freebies, but this one along with many others (Angle, Freqs, Harmonics, HTS9) from HoRNet are not Apple silicon native.

  3. How come it says you have to pay for it and it’s still supposed to be free? Also this blog doesn’t use timestamps so I’m not sure why it just says it’s gonna expire 12 hours from now without any reference point to when that will be. The best i could do is put GMT+2 into Google which is also a very unclear term.. but as far as I could figure out it should mean 10am eastern time? Any help would be appreciated. It says you have to buy it but it should still be free as of right now I think.

  4. Why would this blog write that it’s gonna expire 12 hours from now without saying what time this article was written at? I’m sure so many people missed out on this just because of that. The earliest timestamps in the comments section here are at 10:30am… And it’s only 8pm here. Why doesn’t this blog have timestamps for the articles as well.. or at least mention what time it was written at.. cuz no one in north america has a clue what GMT+2 means… Including Google.. cuz it told me that means 10am tomorrow which I’m sure is wrong.

  5. Thanks Tomislav for sharing this especially on short notice! I unfortunately missed it too and was also having difficulty trying to figure out the time of the post, look up the time conversion, and if I was missing a step or just missed it.

    With some countries and even individual regions within those countries taking part in their own annual time shift this can become even more convoluted to figure out and some of the conversion sites get it wrong. So I can definitely echo the sentiment of giving more clear time details in these situations please. Especially an easier reference point for those in North and South America who are going to see the notice later especially if you had a late recording session or gig the night before.

    Thanks again and the plugin looks rad! I use their AutogainPro on pretty much every channel at some point to maintain same RMS while comparing and shaping with different saturation/eq/comp/channel strips/etc. It’s also helpful on dialog too.

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