Ohmforce Releases Frohmager FREE Filter Plugin


Ohmforce releases Frohmager, a freeware filter VST plugin for Windows and macOS.

I will readily admit that I love a good filter. They’re just fun to use, especially when you get a little wacky with things like modulation and automation.

Now, I typically use FabFilter’s Volcano or the excellent Kilohearts filters for any sort of sweeps and the like. I’m a greenhorn when it comes to the likes of Ohmforce’s output, so seeing Frohmager with a fresh new GUI and the low cost of nothing was an enticing offer.

So, what is Frohmager?

Ohmforce Frohmage- The living legend

Ohmforce Frohmage still looks as charmingly unusual as ever.

Ohmforce Frohmage still looks as charmingly unusual as ever.

Before we get to that, we need to rewind back to the early 2000s when freeware VST plugins were still a new and exciting concept.

If you have some gray hair, you probably remember Frohmage, a legendary freeware filter plugin from Ohmforce.

It gained cult status as one of the best-sounding yet unusual filter plugins on the market, and Ohforce recently made it compatible with modern DAWs (while also making all of their old plugins freeware in one smooth move).

Well, the old Frohmage just got an upgrade, too!

Ohmforce Frohmager – The new kid on the block

The new Frohmager gets a sleek GUI and plenty of fresh functionality.

The new Frohmager gets a sleek GUI and plenty of fresh functionality.

Frohmager is a low-pass resonant filter, but leaving it at that would dismiss a whole breadth of functionality. You can certainly use Frohmager for automated sweeps, but it does so much more.

For starters, you’ve got distortion before and directly in the filter. It makes for a great tone box, especially when combined with a bit of resonance.

You’ve got a tone control, which helps to shape the overall sound. The filter itself also sounds great, lest we forget why we’re actually here.

There are some in-depth controls for the filter that can provide additional bands, introducing comb filtering to the sound, as well as the width and delay of each of those bands.

You can modulate just about everything on this filter as well. There are LFOs, envelope followers, and envelope generators. These modulators can be pointed to other modulators, so you can modulate your modulation, which isn’t at all a tongue-twister.

At any rate, Ohmforce Frohmager is a capable filter and a welcome addition to any arsenal.

I’m especially fond of the GUI, which calls to mind the golden age of animation with a decidedly Ub Iwerks-inspired cow and block of cheese. It’s just one additional element to the whole package, making it a memorable tool for the plugin folder.

Free Download

You can snag Frohmager for free; no email newsletter subscriptions are required. While you’re there, you might as well snag the rest of their legacy plugins which were recently made available for free.

Frohmager is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, AU, and AAX. I haven’t had the chance to test it on my Mac yet, but I’ll likely get down to that later tonight.

Download: Frohmager (FREE)


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    • I’m in. However, I recently went to the Ohmforce site and it appears(I could be wrong) they’re no longer putting out plugins? Any updates with them?

      • Ohmforce discontinued most of their plugins in August. Non-legacy plugins should receive updates.

        • Frohmager won’t show in Ableton on my m2. I couldn’t easily find sys reqs. Maybe it isn’t available for Apple silicon?

  1. Cool, a couple months ago when they made a bunch of their old plugins free, the page for Frohmager went nowhere. Glad to see they finally released this one.

  2. Intel 64 only for the Mac installer. Hopefully they’ll make this one (and the new Infinity delay) UB2 soon. The world needs Ohm Force plugins moving forward. :-)

  3. I’m so glad to see this update! Ohmforce has always had some of the most unique and distinctive plugins, in terms of both sound and art style. I was afraid that they were getting away from plugin development, but I’m now looking forward to what they release next.

  4. It’s good probably, but like in good old times it crushes Studio One=) This time on Mac.
    Жаль конечно.

  5. The website looks buggy.
    I click on “GET” but nothing happen…
    I’ll try later….
    Happy to see that Ohmforce continue to make new stuffs !

  6. Classic Ohm Force. Sounds Ridiculous, and the UI is unfathomable. I report back in a month when I’ve figured it out 🤣

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