Get 20 FREE Effects With Psytrance Plugins Samplur PROEffects Suite


Psytrance Plugins just released the free Samplur PROEffects plugin bundle, which offers 20 effects for Windows and macOS.

It’s also straightforward to download as all you have to do is click the download button – it doesn’t require an account or for you to submit an email.  

The included effects are a frequency analyzer, multi-band compressor, multi-band delay, multi-band filter, chorus, compressor, multi-delay tool, distortion, six-band EQ, ten-band EQ, exciter, filter, flanger, glitch machine, limiter, phaser, reverb, saturator, stereo tool and vocoder. 

As you can see, the bundle is extensive and covers almost everything you’d ever need in the studio. 

Psytrance Plugins aims to provide plugins for “psytrance music production and sub-genres,” although obviously, such a huge bundle of plugins would have utility beyond that. 

There is no full demo of all the plugins, but Psytrance Plugins has provided a YouTube video where the developer shows the interfaces and discusses the features of each plugin. 

Let’s briefly examine the included effect plugins:

  • PROAnalyzer is a multi-band frequency analyzer with LUFS, correlation, and L/R mode.
  • PRO-M-Compressor is a multi-band/4-band compressor.
  • PRO-M-Delay, a multi-band delay.
  • PRO-M-Filter is a multi-band filter with LFO, extra band-pass, and reverb integration.
  • PROChorus is a chorus with crossover mode, mid/side integration, voice stereo, extra band pass, and LFO for the rate.
  • PROCompressor is a compressor with mid/side integration and sidechain.
  • PRODelay is a multi-delay tool with stereo, auto-pan, ping-pong, mono, and mid/side.
  • PRODistortion, a distortion with crossover, extra band-pass and mid/side integration.
  • PROEQ-6 is an equalizer with six bands, band mute, mid/side integration and extra band-pass.
  • PROEQ-10 is an equalizer with 10 bands and band mute.
  • ROExciter – an exciter with clash remove and mud remove.
  • PROFilter – a filter with three modes and an LFO using multiple targets.
  • PROFlanger – a flanger with crossover mode, mid/side integration, stereo spread, extra band-pass and LFO for the rate.
  • PROFreeze – a glitch machine with envelope/LFO for filter cut/res and pan.
  • PROLimiter – a brickwall limiter with de-clip and ceiling.
  • PROPhaser is a phaser with crossover mode, mid/side integration, stereo spread, extra band-pass and LFO for the rate.
  • PROReverb – a reverb with crossover, mid/side integration, equalizer and delay.
  • PROSaturator – a saturation machine.
  • PROStereo – a stereo tool with auto-pan envelope, multi-band pseudostereo, mid/side integration, phase invert and channel swap.
  • PROVocoder is a 10-mode vocoder with crossover, mid/side integration, extra band-pass and sidechain.

The Samplur PROEffects bundle is compatible with Windows 10/11 for VST2/VST3 and macOS X (minimum Catalina 10.15) for AU/VST3 (also ARM machines). Both versions are for 64-bit systems. 

Download: Samplur PROEffects (FREE)


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