Get Antares Choir And More FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique


Until the 13th of December, you can claim a free copy of either the Antares CHOIR, AIR Music Technology Drum Synth, Tracktion Dawesome LOVE, or a Loopcloud 1-Month Artist Plan with any purchase at Plugin Boutique.

It’s important to note that Rent To Own plans are not eligible for the free transaction gift.

So, let us briefly cover each of these gifts.

Drum Synth

DrumSynth is, as you would expect by its name, a plugin focused on drum synthesis.

It relies on a combination of FM synthesis, analog modeling synthesis, and physical modeling synthesis that empower the 8 individual sound engines: Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi-Hat, Tom, Percussion, Crash, and Ride.

It also includes a selection of audio effects to process the raw sounds: transient shaper, tuning, EQ, compression, reverb, and delay.

Synthesizing drum elements is super fun, honestly, and it can be crucial to forge your unique sonic identity instead of relying on the classic drum machine sounds every producer has access to.

Choir – Vocal Multiplier

CHOIR​​ – Vocal Multiplier is a unique vocal processor that turns a single monophonic voice into a lush choir of 4, 8, 16, or even 32 distinct individual unison voices, each with its own pitch, timing, and vibrato variations.

It’s the ideal tool for quickly and easily turning a single voice into a large group of voices, each with its unique character. For instance, when applied to individual harmonic parts in a vocal performance, it simulates large vocal ensembles.

By thinking outside the box, you can get creative with this tool and transform even synthetic sources by thickening them with more voices.

Dawesome LOVE

Dawesome’s Love is what I call a ‘soundscape designer.’

I had the opportunity to beta-test it before release and it’s an excellent tool to generate instant ambient textures from any source.

The magic comes from the combination of a velvety SHIMMER effect, a simple-to-use GRANULAR engine, and an epic spacey REVERB.

Its main strength comes from its intuitive and ‘hands-on approach’ interface.

By manipulating the controls in real-time, you can quickly craft compelling, evolving sounds that feel alive.

Loopcloud – Artist plan

Loocloud’s Artist plan gives you access to their large catalog of royalty-free samples and the included plugin suites, like Loopcloud DRUM and Loopcloud PLAY.

You get 1GB of samples and presets to get started, 100 points you can spend for sounds, presets, and plugin expansion, and 10 free sounds per day.

Get the deal: Plugin Boutique Freebies (Antares Choir, Drum Synth, Dawesome LOVE, or Loopcloud 1-Month Artist Plan FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique until December 13th)


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