Sonokinetic Offers Tutti Free Orchestral Library For Kontakt Player


Sonokinetic has made the Tutti Free atonal orchestral effects library available at no cost! 

The collection is for Native Instruments Kontakt Player 7, which is free, and it’s also compatible with Komplete Kontrol and NKS. This is another excellent Kontakt library that can be yours for free.

Kontakt Player 7 runs on Windows and Mac, so the library works on both as well.

Tutti Free is a recording of a full symphony orchestra and contains “cinematic aleatoric orchestral effects (atonal)” samples.

For people who don’t carry a dictionary around, aleatoric means random. Concerning classical music it’s used to describe pieces where some aspect of the performance is left to chance.

You can hear the library at the Tutti Free product page via a SoundCloud playlist and YouTube videos.

The library sounds a bit like a soundtrack to a Terminator movie or perhaps a horror or thriller flick. 

No doubt, the samples could be used to create unique sounds in songs and beats as well. 

Tutti Free was recorded in situ at the Cinematic Concert Hall in Zlin, Czech Republic, and features a mixed signal of close, Decca, wide, and balcony mic positions.

Sonokinetic described what you can expect from the library, saying, “Expect crashes, bangs, and haunting textures, performed with pizzazz, oomph, and boundless enthusiasm, and recorded with love!”

Sonokinetic states that the sounds were all recorded “as atonal as we could get them and recorded with the entire orchestra present in the hall.”

If you’re new to Kontakt Player, it’s a bit of a process to get the library up and running. 

To download Kontakt Player 7, you must submit an email address, and to get Tutti Free, you need to create a free Sonokinetic account. 

If you’re looking for this kind of thing, though, it’d definitely be worth it. As you can hear from the samples, Tutti Free sounds very authentic and ready for use in professional projects.

This should be no surprise, as Tutti was Sonokinetic’s first commercial release and was a paid product for several years. 

Tutti is now “retired” and has been replaced with Tutti Free. Note that Tutti is somewhat different from Tutti Free, though, as the latter features “a selection of phrases” from the original release as well as a simplified interface. 

Tutti Free is in a 44.1kHz – 24bit NCW format, with 216 samples, and comes in at 445 MB.

It features the following sounds: Strings (52 players), woodwinds (12 players), brass (11 players), percussion, piano, and celesta.

Download: Tutti Free (FREE, Kontakt Player 7 and Sonokinetic account required)


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  1. Doesn’t show on Kontakt 7. Manually dragging it to Kontakt 7 gives a message, “this version of Kontakt is too old ” LOL

    Native Instruments is burning their own house down between this stuff and making the Native Access incompatible with older OS like Catalina. Many people are talking about just forgetting about Kontakt altogether.

    • lmao had the same problem. kinda odd, catalina only supports up to 7.4.2 yet native access lets you install libraries compatible with later versions, only to later find out it doens’t work
      even factory kontakt library, why do i get the ability to update to 1.3, if it’s not compatible? and then i have to search for, and get a download link from forums to downgrade to 1.2? just wasted time
      i don’t mind not having access to some libraries if it’s not compatible with my current version, but these still appearing in native access, being able to install them, etc. def seems pointless.

    • I had no issues whatsoever downloading, installing and authorizing it. I have Native Access 2 and don’t even own Kontakt Full 7, only 6 (not that it matters, this is for the Player). I’m on Win10. Enjoy your Apple products. Keep thinking differently and wasting time on a regular basis when we know life is short. Really cool library! Just when I’m starting to dip my toes into orchestration. Many thanks, Sonokinetic.

  2. Their website is not working correctly. I can’t login after creating a new account. Stuck in a loop asking to click in an activation link, they didn’t send…No way to get a customer support without login to the website…

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