KitiK Releases FREE DistorK Multi-Effect Distortion For Windows


KitiK just dropped DistorK, which is a free multi-effect distortion plugin for VST3 on Windows.

The developer says the plugin is designed to “get you up and ready quickly to add the grit you need to your sound.” In short, it’s a free distortion plugin offering multiple ways to distort the audio you feed into it.

DistorK is being offered via a ‘name your price’ model, and yes, you can enter $0 as the desired amount at checkout to download the plugin for free.

The download is nice and lightweight at 5.2 MB, although you’ll need to provide an email address to get the file.

You can hear DistorK work in a demo by the developer via the product page linked below, which includes a rundown of the features and audio examples of each effect.  

The plugin includes a Saturator, Clipper, Waveshaper, and a Bit Crusher.

With these four effects on tap, DistorK can deliver a wide range of sound-shaping options.

All the effects have the following controls: Dry/Wet, Input Gain, and Output Gain. 

Each effect also has custom controls specific to each one, which are Saturator (Drive), Clipper (Clipper Type, Threshold), Waveshaper (Type, Drive), and Bit Crusher (Bit Rate, Bit Depth).

The four effects can be engaged or disengaged individually, and they are processed from left to right, making for the following order: Saturator, Clipper, Waveshaper, and Bit Crusher.

DistorK also features oversampling (up to 8x), gain metering as well as master controls for Dry/Wet, Input, and Output. 

The interface is basic but the function of everything is made pretty clear.

KitiK is a one-man operation run by a chap called Kyle, and he’s quite generous as all the plugins on his site are made available via a ‘name your price’ model.

You may notice a theme when you check out the KitiK Music lineup of plugins, which are Simple Synth, Clipper, WaveShaper, Simple BitCrusher, Simple Delay, Simple EQ, Simple MB Compressor, Simple Distortion, and Simple Reverb. 

The developer also has a range of free sample packs: Vitals, Potions, Landscapes, Pendulum, and Deep Space.

Kyle also releases electronic music under the name KitiK, with his output covering dubstep, lo-fi, and remixes of popular songs. 

From his demos, you can definitely hear how his plugins are a natural fit for this kind of music, although they can also have a utility beyond that scope. 

Download: DistorK (FREE/Name your price)


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  1. When i first began my musical journey it was this dude helping me out and encouraging me. Great guy glad he’s paying it forward still.
    Cheers from California

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