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Until December 16th, the Lurssen Mastering Console plugin by IK Multimedia, typically priced at $149.99, is available for just $39.99 at Audio Plugin Deals.

Lurssen Mastering Console emulates a complete mastering chain used by renowned mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen.

The plugin realistically replicates tube and solid-state equalizers, limiters, de-essers, and compressors found in high-end studio analog gear.

Users can select from 25 mastering templates tailored for specific musical genres, designed as starting points for quick and efficient mastering.

Certain controls on the processors are preset for specific styles and remain unadjusted. This method mirrors the approach of Lurssen and Cohen, who utilize a pre-configured chain of processors based on the material’s style.

The user has control over a few key parameters: Input Drive, Push control, 5-band EQ, and VU metering switches.

The Input Drive is used to overdrive the processing chain, balanced by output Make-Up Gain to manage volume increase. The Push control subtly enhances the sound through uniform EQ adjustments across fixed frequency ranges.

The VU meter can display the input signal, the processed version, and the mono or stereo components.

Another useful feature is the ability to automate parameters within the plugin. The waveform display provides an overview of the track, allowing users to visually identify sections to intensify in the processing chain through built-in automation.

Users can also export the plugin settings to its iPad version, enabling fine adjustments while testing masters on different systems, like a car audio system.

As discussed in our guide to mastering at home, one of the goals when mastering is to ensure tracks sound optimal across various monitoring systems.

Mastering combines technical skill and artistic judgment. With that in mind, The Lurssen Mastering Console is a helpful option for music producers and artists seeking quick, high-quality mastering results or those desiring a specific sound character for their tracks.

The Lurssen Mastering Console is compatible with Windows and macOS 64-bit systems, available in multiple plugin formats, as a standalone application, and as an iOS app.

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