Plugin Boutique Offers FREE Plugins With Any Purchase In January


Plugin Boutique offers a free copy of Harmonic Lite or Choric Quartet with any active purchase until the end of January.

If you purchase any product at Plugin Boutique this month, don’t miss the opportunity to add another free plugin to your order.

Let’s take a closer look at the two available gifts.

Motion: Harmonic Lite

Motion: Harmonic Lite by Excite Audio is a creative effect combining distortion, filtering, and bit crushing, with a cool interactive interface.

As its name suggests, the plugin’s goal is to create movement and excitement in your audio sources.

Some use-cases of Motion: Harmonic Lite are to transform static loops in evolving phrases, enhance harmonics of basses, create morphing textures, add movement to plain synth pads, or energize guitar riffs, for instance.

The 3D audio-reactive object at the GUI’s center features a reactive Hexagon controller to play with sound differently.

The plugin comes with a comprehensive collection of presets to inspire you in no time.

Choric Quartet

Choric Quartet by Caelum Audio is a practical, elegant, and simple-to-use chorus with up to 4 voices, as you can expect by its name.

You can exploit it to add movement and character to your tracks with sine or random modulation shapes. 

It’s the slimmed-down version of Caelum Audio’s advanced chorus plugin, Choric.

With 2 up to 4 straightforward voices, you can use Rate to set speed, Phase to spread the modulation phase, and Depth to set the intensity of the chorus effect. 

Looseness spreads the timing of the individual voices for a ‘looser’ result.

Talking of stereo width, Choric Quartet offers a couple of useful features to help you get wider results.

The Spread knob pans the individual voices across the stereo field, while the Flip CH switch inverts the modulation in the right channel for greater width.

Choric Quartet comes with 15 presets for a variety of applications, from individual channels to buses or even entire mixes.

The Rand button is a randomizer function to help you get inspired by more unpredictable results.

Motion: Harmonic Lite and Choric Quartet are available for both Windows and macOS 64-bit machines, with M1 native support, and VST, VST3, AU, and AAX as plugin formats.

Get the deal: Motion: Harmonic Lite or Choric Quartet (FREE with any purchase @PluginBoutique until January 31st!)


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  1. I am getting a bit lost in freebies. Noting that Choric Quartet was free with Computer Music back in August, so I do not order it again ;-)

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