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Sampleson offers the Wursy electric piano plugin for FREE to everyone who subscribes to their YouTube channel.

It always feels like the post-holiday rush is a hangover of sorts. Lots of questions about whether I should’ve purchased something, tinkering with things that may have been an impulse purchase, and so forth.

Thankfully, to help alleviate those post-holiday blues, there is a fun little freebie to give a shot. Sampleson’s Wursy electric piano is free for a limited time, provided you subscribe to Sampleson’s YouTube channel.

Before we dive further into the plugin, it is worth clarifying how you get this one for free.

At the landing page for the plugin, you’ll want to click on the option that says Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel. After that, you’ll open a new tab on their respective YouTube page.

I had to refresh, but once you do, it should show you a short video with the link in the description. After refreshing, you can go through the entire checkout process and claim your free plugin.

This might be evident for some folks, but I did have a few issues finding it at first glance with uBlock Origin and Ghostery.

Anyway, on to Wursy. It is a subtractive synthesis-based take on the Wurlitzer Electric Piano. I always think of Supertramp when I hear the tones from something like this.

As far as the sound goes, I think it’s quite nice. I’m not a key player, as I’m at home with sequencers and the like. However, it sounds convincing enough to my ears.

Controls are fairly slim, although the velocity curve is quite responsive. You’ve got a vibrato and a reverb. I can’t imagine playing this without the vibrato because it conjures up that dusty old soul LP sound.

The reverb you can take or leave; I’d honestly prefer another modulation effect like a chorus or a flanger alongside the vibrato.

For free, though, I won’t complain much more. Wursy is a fun instrument, definitely worth the handful of seconds it takes to subscribe and get your free plugin coupon.

It does have me curious about the rest of the Sampleson library, though; I’ll have to test if their Rhodes does the job for deep house tracks.

Download: Wursy (FREE if you subscribe to Sampleson YouTube channel)


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  1. This is extremely good dirty wurlitzer. I got this earlier, I don’t know now is there any updates since, but it keeps asking the registration code everytime I use this. It also need to be online to use it…not so user friendly, but it’s the best wurli I have.

      • Thank you very much. I subscribed the channel and downloaded again and now it’s working like you said. Must be some updated version because it’s perfect now.

  2. OSC Audio Kalimba Keys is free for a limited time (enter kalimbakeysfree on the checkout):

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