OSC Audio’s Kalimba Keys Virtual Instrument is FREE for Limited Time


OSC Audio released the Kalimba Keys virtual instrument, and it’s available for free download for a limited time.  

Kalimba Keys is available for Windows, MacOS, and iOS in VST3, AU, AUv3, and standalone formats. 

OSC Audio has made Kalimba Keys available in a ‘name a price’ format. If you enter the coupon “kalimbakeysfree” at checkout, you can pick it up for free. The developer states that the promotion “ends soon,” but no date is specified. 

Kalimba Keys is marketed as “your gateway to expressive kalimba sounds.” 

The kalimba is a plucked instrument based on the traditional instruments of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

OSC Audio’s plugin version offers “round robin and per-key sampling, allowing for genuine and nuanced playback.”

The plugin also implements effects, namely a stereo verb, tape-style delay, and multi-modulation effects (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, and Auto Pan).

The developer has also included cross-platform presets for compatibility across sessions and full automation control. You can hear Kalimba Keys in action in the video.

The demo showcases Kalimba Keys in both a solo format and within the context of a beat, which nicely displays the instrument’s versatility for modern music genres. 

It’s a very distinctive sound and could definitely be used to create a unique part that makes the listener’s ears perk up. 

Kalimba Keys has a classy woodgrain user interface, and the Modulation section offers the following parameters: Mix, Depth, Rate, and Mode, while the Space & Time section features the following pots: Mix, Echo, Rate, and Feedback. 

The control scheme is rounded out by a keyboard at the bottom and a preset loader at the top.

As for compatibility, the plugin runs on Windows 10+ or MacOS 10.14+.

OSC Audio is an independent company with a small team of developers. The team makes their plugins available at either a ‘name your price’ model or for a modest fee. 

The company’s lineup currently features 13 plugins, which include seven virtual instruments, three effects, and three tools.

A number of the OSC Audio plugins are based around vintage sounds or folk instruments.

Download: Kalimba Keys (FREE using “kalimbakeysfree” coupon at checkout / Name your price)


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  1. Thenatan got 24 hour sale, where all their plugs costs $5

    I bought Tawus, four sample layer engine, which I find great value for such a low price.

  2. My Studio One (Pro 6 – Windows 10) doesn’t seem to like it, which is s a shame because it sounds really good. It gets ‘switched off’ for ‘producing invalid data’.

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