FKFX Audio’s Forthcoming Sylab Vowel Filter is Free for Limited Time


FKFX Audio is now giving away its first plugin with the LFOGrid tool, the Sylab vowel filter, for a limited time on Windows and Mac.

The company is about to launch LFOGrid, which is a tool for “effortlessly creating musical LFO curves.”

The tool is integrated into three of the company’s forthcoming plugins: Sylab, Obvious Filter 2, and Influx Pro.

As part of the launch, the company provides a “free access reservation” giveaway for the Sylab plugin via its website. 

The free reservation is available now and will expire on January 25. 

To get the plugin, you’ll need to provide an email address, and the download link will be sent on January 25.

After the promotion concludes, Sylab will be made available for a list price of $59.

The details on the Sylab plugin are a little light on the ground currently, as FKFX Audio is mostly promoting the LFOGrid tool at present, although no doubt we’ll get a clearer picture of Sylab later in the month. 

LFOGrid enables users to explore a range of LFO styles at the first level, then gain additional customization options at the Patterns level and specialized editing features at the Advanced level. 

Each of these levels provides hundreds of different LFOs, enabling users to incorporate them into mixes by clicking on the preview. 

Currently, FKFX Audio has shown off LFOGrid in a brief promotional video and a more detailed tutorial video that showcases LFOGrid in the context of use within the forthcoming Obvious Filter 2 plugin. 

Both videos are linked on the Sylab product page linked below.

Sylab is a new release for the company, while Influx Pro and Obvious Filter 2 are upgrades on existing releases from FKFX Audio.

Influx, which is a resonator distortion plugin, is currently free. However, it won’t be available once Influx Pro launches, so if you’re looking for another freebie, you better get in quick.  

Obvious Filter, which is a morphing filter, is currently listed at $59, although it’s probably worth waiting for the upgrade with that one. 

Sylab is available in VST, VST3, and AU formats, and the minimum requirements are Windows 10 or macOS 11 Big Sur (Intel & M1 native compilation).

More info: Sylab (FREE for a limited time)

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  1. FXFX has released some good plugins. Influx is awesome and I love what they did with the old Krishna Synth. I’m really looking forward to Sylab!

  2. The convoluted, ineffective activation scheme for Sylab is the worst I have ever encountered on any paid or free plugin. If you have any Waves plugins or plugins requiring ilok, that is saying something. It won’t connect to the server, and it freezes your DAW and won’t close while it tries to do whatever it’s NOT doing.

    Apparently FKFX stands for “F**K you FX”

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