NUSofting Releases Free Glitch Pad Synth Beta For Windows


NUSofting’s new Glitch Pad experimental synthesizer plugin is now in free public beta for Windows until the end of March.

Glitch Pad public beta is currently available in VST2 and VST3 formats for 64-bit Windows. 

NUSofting’s full-release plugins typically feature a Windows and Mac release, so Mac users will probably be able to get in on the action upon the 1.0 release. 

The plugin’s origins go back several decades to the 2002 release of the Glitch Pad SynC Modular patch.

NUSofting founder Luigi has now rewritten the original algorithm and produced an improved oscillator, resulting in a new VST synth. 

The new version is natively coded in C++ and is available in an early beta form via the developer’s website, which is linked below. 

The beta release is fully functional and includes 23 presets. 

Luigi has made downloading the plugin quite easy, as it’s a one-click process, with no login or personal details required to get the Zip file. 

There is already an unofficial demo of the Glitch Pad on YouTube, showcasing a distinctive, retro-tinged sound. 

The synth would be right at home for styles such as ambient, experimental soundtracks, and video game music. 

These styles are hinted at in the preset names, which include echo dream, echo pendulum, foggy voices, slow choir, and washed choir.  

There’s a lot to take in on the interface for Glitch Pad at first glance. 

Visually and in terms of layout, there’s some room for improvement, although, hey, it’s free beta, so you can only expect so much. 

At the bottom of the interface, you get a keyboard and a preset selector; above that, there’s a visual representation of the waveform. 

Users will have two months to participate in the beta, as the plugin’s interface informs us that it will expire at the end of March 2024. 

It’s not clear whether the Glitch Pad will become a paid product or launch as freeware after the beta, as NUSofting has made both paid and free releases in the past. 

Several of NUSofting’s synths are currently on sale, so if you like what you hear, you might want to check out their other releases.

There is no information on whether the synth will remain free after the beta period ends.

Download: Glitch Pad (FREE beta)


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  1. “yOu ShOuLd WrItE iN tHe TiTlE tHiS pLugIn iS oNlY fOr WinDoWs”… oh you already did that. Thank you but it is too late, apple gremlins complaining in the comment section is officially a BPB meme at this point

    • Just as much as windows snobbery. I’m not even a mac user, but let’s be honest, the amount of people that “claim to be above” “this whole OS topic”, are only windows users, and, just as present in the comments

  2. Funny little thing. Some nice ideas, like the way the pitch env works. Would benefit greatly from having a LFO for each of the destinations, and perhaps more shapes including some whacky ones for better randomization. Since it’s a beta, perhaps it’s being worked on already, but in case it isn’t… :D

  3. Glitch Pad is capable of some excellent sounds! Luigi from Nusofting has always been an underrated developer. Great stuff!

    • nice! however (rant ahead) i miss rewire! i think if rewire was still around, all these “intro DAWs” would be a lot more useful, as they could more easily complement whatever it is we already use
      i find it crazy that as tech progresses, something as useful is no longer around, and has not been properly replaced yet. sure there is ableton link, or a blutcat plugin, but rewire allowed to send and receive midi and audio directly from the DAW without issues, without latency, while everything stayed in sync.

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