Get Future Audio Workshop’s SubLab For $10 For A Limited Time


Plugin Boutique offers the SubLab virtual instrument by Future Audio Workshop for only $10 until February 11th.

Who doesn’t love a little grit to their basses and complete control over their 808s?

As someone unreasonably fond of DnB and garage music, the need for a solid sub-bass can’t be understated.

Thankfully, thanks to today’s sale, you don’t have to go pilfering through the waste for suitable Serum presets. From now until February 11th, you can snag Future Audio Workshop’s SubLab for the low price of $10 at Plugin Boutique.

I use SubLab on occasions when I don’t feel like designing an 808 myself. True, there are many free 808 plugins out there, but SubLab offers more in terms of features. Let’s discuss that a little further.

SubLab is an equal parts synthesizer and sampler. Using the synthesis section, you can readily dial in gritty sub-bass with minimal effort. However, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice simply sticking to its synthesis section.

The sampler works in concert with the synth engine to deliver the best possible sub you’ll get.

Now, I know there have been complaints about phase issues and the like with the original release of SubLab. That likely has been rectified with the release of SubLab XL. I haven’t felt like upgrading myself, however, so I keep an EQ handy just in case.

The quality of the subs you can coax out of SubLab is suitable for any break-oriented genre. I’ve used them in my own release doing DnB and Jungle. They might not beat a good wobble, growl, or Neuro, but you’re going to use all those elements together as it sits.

I especially appreciate how you can tune the kick transient samples and X-sub controls to fit the key of your song. It might not be a great fit if you’re planning on doing a Neurofunk rendition of Giant Steps, but I applaud you if you’re going that route.

SubLab is a great instrument with a singular focus. You’ll find it works quite well with a wide variety of music. I could easily see it fitting into the likes of a bass house track with the right sample selection.

SubLab is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. It is compatible with Apple Silicon and Intel machines, so if you’re running a Mac you should be well covered.

Check out the deal: SubLab (Only $10 until February 11th)


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  1. I wish they’d do a promo with Circle2. I’ve been watching out for it forever it seems and every time I’ve checked, it’s priced at $129 or thereabouts. Strange to me they’ve never done much to promo it after it’s initial launch.

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