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Producer Sharooz Raoofi recently launched the Wavetick platform, a “newly founded marketplace founded by artists for artists.” The website lets you sell and buy sounds, and it already has a wide range of samples for free download.

Wavetick sells copyright-free tracks and sounds. The platform is open to anyone to sell, and Wavetick takes a 12.5% platform commission. You can sell music tracks, sample packs, and individual sounds.

This article focuses on the free packs available on Wavetick. The current freebies cover multiple instruments, including drums, percussion one-shots, loops, synths, and strings.

There are also themed free packs, centred around a style, such as the Winter House, Peaktime Techno Taster, and Vintage Underground House packs. 

Forward Digital, which launched the site with Raoofi, describes Wavetick as a “revolutionary platform designed to empower beatmakers and music users, creating a fair and flexible ecosystem for all.”

While speaking to CanvasRebel Magazine, Raoofi described Wavetick as an amalgamation of what he wanted as a music producer. 

He said the site is a “two-sided marketplace that allows users to sell royalty-free beats to any music user to utilize, in any fashion they wish – by adding vocals, sampling or using the beats outright, unmodified.”

To download the packs, you add them to your cart, check out, and provide an email address. 

They send a receipt to your email address, but you get the download link for a ZIP file directly from the website. 

Wavetick offers various license terms. The free version has either a bronze or silver license, which allows for open use of the sounds in songs.

Basically, any normal use that a typical music producer would want from a sample is A-OK when using these two licenses. 

The site is easy to use and navigate, and each pack features a single audio track on the product page that allows you to hear various sounds from each pack. 

Out of the free packs, there is an extensive range of drum sounds to choose from. 

Retro drum machines are a particular favourite, with the free packs including titles like Tape 808 Hits, DMX Drum Hits, LM-2 Hits, 707 vs 950 Hits and more.

The sounds are pretty high quality, particularly for free releases, so Wavetick is an excellent resource for producers looking to spice up their tracks with some fresh sounds.

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  1. I like the idea of this. It might be a good way for any producer/sound designer to dip there toe in the water and generate a bit of cash income. Nice review!

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