Squeezer Is A FREE Compressor VST Plugin By Martin Zuther


Martin Zuther has released Squeezer, a freeware general-purpose audio compressor effect in VST, VST3, and LV2 plugin formats for digital audio workstation software on Windows and Linux.

Squeezer is a highly versatile audio compressor. Martin Zuther explains that he developed it in order to learn as much as possible about audio compression. During the development process, Martin researched the topic of dynamic range compression and converted his findings into code.

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As a result, Squeezer is a feature-packed compression tool with some handy features that we don’t normally find in freeware compressor plugins. It features multiple dynamic range reduction modes, feed-forward and feed-back design, multiple release stage curves (linear, logarithmic, and smooth), adjustable knee (hard, medium, and soft), and more. Squeezer comes with optical and FET detectors, peak and RMS sensing, and a flexible side-chain input with high-pass and low-pass filters.

Squeezer has some exciting workflow features, too. The control knobs are stepped to fine-tuned preset values by default. If required, the knob behavior can be changed to smooth continuous values by clicking the orange light indicator next to them. This way, the user can easily fine-tune the default knob values. The plugin also features gain reduction and input/output volume meters, as well as a dry/wet mix control for easy parallel compression.

Squeezer can be downloaded entirely free of charge from Marin Zuther’s website with optional donations. No signup required. Interested users skilled in programming are invited to contact the developer and help improve the plugin.

More info: Squeezer (2.4 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/LV2 plugin format for Windows & Linux)

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  1. Looks great with all the various compression modes, but Chrome gives me a warning (supposedly the server site where the download is based got hacked in the meantime).

    Can anyone verify please?

    • heavymetalmixer


      It didn’t happen to me, maybe a false alarm. What I CAN say is that this compresor is like Reaper’s Reacomp, It has a lot of options, but this one works for more DAWs and sounds better (at least for drums, that’s what I tested both on).

      • Thanks, appreciate your reply.

        Yes, Reacomp comes to mind, but also the great DC8C by Klanghelm. Haven’t tried the Squeezer yet, but I look forward specifically to trying out the Opto mode (typically opto style compression works very good with low frequency signals like bass guitar, but also vocals).

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