Get DirektDSP’s Fuzzboy FREE Until September 6th


DirektDSP offers the Fuzzboy guitar pedal plugin as a free download until September 6th.

I think I’ve mentioned already that I love fuzz pedals. It is just a simple fact of life: From the time Sleep drafted their debut album, I was destined to enjoy the sound of fuzzed-out Marshall amps running in C standard tuning.

If you’re like me and love that woolly fuzz enveloping all your sound sources, then you’re in luck!

DirektDSP has made its Fuzzboy plugin free for a limited time. Now, there isn’t really much to say about Fuzzboy’s interface. You’ve got three central controls, with a bypass switch following the input and output gain.

Now, the sound itself is wonderful. I have enjoyed running just about everything through this particular Fuzzboy. My seven-string in Drop G made for a handy experiment using Fuzzboy running in front of the Prestige amp sim we covered a little while ago.

I had slabs of wonderful fuzzy noise as I butchered my way through the opening notes of Funeralopolis and Black Pyramid’s Visions of Gehenna.

If you want to avoid the doom metal, it makes for a great effect on a variety of other sound sources. It sounds great on drums, for example, giving that instant garage rock feel in moments on a full rock loop I rolled up in BFD3.

I’ve been testing D16’s latest LuSH-2 as well, and you better believe it adds some dirt and grit to acid lines. I also enjoyed it on those hardstyle leads, though I doubt Headhunterz and their ilk ever coaxed out such gnarly tones. I’ll have to try it on pads after I wrap this article up.

Fuzzboy is a lot of fun. It won’t replace a hardware fuzz pedal. For the low cost of nothing, it is hard to beat it, however. Free fuzzes are hard to come by, so having one with so many options in terms of system compatibility is a blessing.

Now, you have to act quite fast, as Fuzzboy is only available for free until Wednesday. Fuzzboy is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU. You can run it on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

Download: Fuzzboy (FREE until Wednesday)


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  1. Mike The Never Scene


    Did I just enter the Twilight Zone? Fuzz, Sleep, Electric Wizard and drop G on a 7 string ALL mentioned in a single BPB review?……the planets have finally aligned! THANK YOU! \m/..\m/

  2. HorNet DeeLay is free for 24 hours. The deal expires on September 5th at 23:59:59 (Italian time):

  3. For those in need of a soundfont General Midi set (128 patches): There is a free 1.5GB one by Crisis to download at Wusik site. It was released last year

  4. Am I the only one or is the download file of fuzzboy have no component plugin at all. Can find the folder but it contains no plugin file

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