Native Instruments Offfer FREE Audience Choir by Jacob Collier


Native Instruments teamed up with the internet’s favorite jazz cat, Jacob Collier, to create the Audience Choir vocal instrument for Kontakt Player, and the best part is, it’s free!

To run Audience Choir, you’ll need to use either the free Kontakt Player (version 7.8 and higher) or Kontakt (version 7.8 and higher). Both of these platforms are Windows and Mac compatible. 

English singer-songwriter Jacob Collier went viral for conducting the entire audience as a choir during his Djesse world tour in 2022, and the Audience Choir plugin came out of those performances. 

The instrument allows you to conduct your own choir digitally by blending vowels captured from the crowds in 22 different cities on the Djesse tour. It’s one of the finest free Kontakt libraries we’ve seen in a while.

Native Instruments also included percussion in the release, namely stomps, claps, and snaps.

You can also “record your own custom XY pad motions and add depth with polyphonic aftertouch support.”

Native Instruments uploaded seven audio demos of the Audience Choir on the product page, as well as an extensive video walkthrough with an introduction from Collier himself.

It has to be said that the Audience Choir sounds great, and there is a huge range of potential applications for the sounds. 

As a starting point, the demos show off what the choir can do on pop, hip-hop, ambient, and gospel music.

Audience Choir features a great-looking user interface.

Many free plugin releases are quite bare bones, but Native Instruments really went all out here and produced an impressively full-featured plugin. It’s really quite remarkable to get such a great instrument for free. 

You can craft your own arrangements note-by-note, or if you want to save time, use the chord generator that will pop out pre-recorded triads. 

You can change between major and minor triads, adding further customization. 

Samples from the audience choir in 22 cities were used to create different notes, and when you play the notes, the names of the featured cities light up so you can see the sample’s origin. 

The samples are split into three colored sections, represented on the included virtual keyboard.

The blue keys trigger samples from different cities, the orange keys produce pre-recorded triads, and the yellow keys trigger sounds such as stomps, claps, and other vocal sounds made up of words and shouts. 

There are numerous other features included in the release, so check out the product page if you want to know more.

Download: Audience Choir (FREE – Kontakt Player 7.8 or higher required)


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    1) Can’t you ban notifications for other plugins on pages for a specific plugin? I’d be fine with a specials page for them, with a banner to that here. I think comments should only concern the plugin the page is about.

    2) My question (not on the FAQ at NI’s): this requires Kontakt 7 (Player). When you have Kontakt 6 full, like I have, can you install Kontakt 7 Player next to it?

    3) I think it would be useful to mention the size of (large) downloads, especially libraries.

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      Steve Charlton


      Cheers for the feedback. I don’t know about the Kontakt install, but good idea about mentioning the size of large libraries.

    • Yes, you can install different Kontakt versions side by side. I originally had version 6 full and version 7 player installed side by side. In the meantime I also upgraded version 7 player to full.

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