Variety Of Sound Releases FREE TesslaPro Mk IV For Windows


Variety of Sound unveils FREE TesslaPro Mk IV analog coloration plugin for Windows

The new TesslaPro Mk IV is available in VST and VST3 formats, and the developer describes its sound as  “all the analog goodness in subtle doses”.

The TesslaPro was originally released in 2009. It was designed as a successor to the TesslaSE signal saturator. Since then, the Pro has gone through several iterations until the new and improved Mk IV.

The TesslaPro is designed for digital mixing and mastering to strike a “balance between analog character and modern precision.”

The plugin introduces subtle artifacts from analog units into digital processing to give some of that flavor we all love. 

The developer states it “delicately colors sound, refines transients, and weaves depth and dimension into the stereo field to achieve the coveted cohesive sound that defines professional mixes.”

Now, let’s ponder what’s new in the Mk IV edition.

The latest release features a new transformer model, which integrates hysteresis effects for greater realism.

Variety of Sound simplified the gain staging to create greater consistency across a wide range of input levels and integrated automatic output volume compensation to provide greater control and predictability in operation. 

The plugin has also been redesigned for a more lightweight operation to reduce the draw on system resources. 

Variety of Sound has made the download process very pain-free, as you can get the 36 MB  Zip file from a one-click process from the developer’s download page.

The past week has been a busy one for Variety of Sound, as the developer also released the 1.2 version of PreFix, which is a pre-mixing and audio alignment plugin. 

The 1.2 update introduced VST3 support, fixed an issue with phase selection, and introduced online documentation. 

Variety of Sound is a one-man show run by Herbert Goldberg, who is a computer scientist and musician who generously shares their plugin designs without any desire to make it a commercial concern. 

Goldberg has been releasing freeware plugins for well over a decade at this point and has built up quite a stockpile of releases. 

These are available via his website and cover a wide range of applications, such as EQs, comps, verbs, delays, and more.

Download: TesslaPro Mk IV (FREE)


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  2. Love the sound. I always adored ThrillseekerVBL and ThrillseekerLA, but didn’t hear that much from the Tesslas. Now I definitely hear it.

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