Katistix Studios Passo Is A New FREE Minimal 3-band EQ


Katistix Studios launched Passo, a freeware minimal 3-band EQ plugin for Windows and macOS. 

Passo is available via a ‘name your price’ model, and you can download the 3 MB Zip file with a three-click process from the product page. 

Katistix Studios describes Passo as the “only EQ plugin you really need!”

While we also recommend using an advanced surgical EQ like the excellent TDR Nova, it can’t hurt to have another simple equalizer at your disposal.

Any budding audio engineer has been told to “use your ears” about 10 million times and this plugin is a great one for anyone who took that advice to heart.

The developer states that with Passo, “you are focused on how your audio sounds [with]no unnecessary fancy knobs or frequency visualizers that can distract you.”

This is indeed true as the minimalist control scheme features only a low-cut filter, high-cut filter, and variable peak gain, frequency, and quality parameters. 

There are also a pair of dropdown menus that allow you to alter the dB per octave for the low-cut and high-cut controls.  

Passo is completely free, although if you wish to support Katistix Studios, you can make a donation during the download process. 

The Passo EQ is the debut 1.0 plugin release from Katistix Studios.

The developer also offers the Rainy Delay plugin, which is a macOS exclusive currently in development, although you can download the 0.1 release if you wish.

Katistix Studios describes Rainy as a simple and lightweight delay effect VST3 plugin.

Currently, Rainy offers delay time and feedback controls that can be automated. This release is available via a ‘name your price’ model.

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any audio demos available for any of the Katistix Studios plugins at the moment. 

Katistix Studios “aims at solving real-world problems through the power of software.” 

Beyond its plugin releases, Katistix Studios conducts graphic design, mobile development, and web development. The developer describes the above services on its official website, which is in Romanian.  

In addition to the above projects, the Katistix Studios Itch.io page also features a web browser platformer game, Downside Up, and a downloadable Windows game called Factory Control.

If you’re looking for more options in the EQ department, consider our list of the best free EQ plugins.

UPDATE: The plugin is now available for Windows and macOS (it was initially a macOS exclusive).

Download: Passo (FREE / Name-your-price)


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