Noise Engineering Officially Releases FREE Freequel Plugin Bundle


Noise Engineering’s Freequel Bundle, consisting of two powerful synths and a mind-blowing distortion plugin, has just been officially released.

We previously covered the free beta of the Freequel Bundle, but the collection is now officially released (and still free!).

If you’re into the bolder side of synthesis and sound processing, Noise Engineering’s Freequel Bundle offers quite a bit. And with the latest update, you’ve got access to a healthy heaping of tools to get you on your way to music creation.

The core of these plugins hasn’t changed. However, the latest update includes some healthy new additions that extend their functionality considerably.

The first one is MPE; you want it, you love it, and you’ve got it. Yes, we all love good old MIDI, but times are moving forward.

Both Sinc Vereor and Vert Vereor are fully MPE-compatible going forward, which is excellent news for users with MPE-compatible controllers. I don’t have one to test on my own, but I did mess around with the parameters, and it seems like a wonderful new addition.

Vert Vereor, Sinc Vereor, and Ruina all benefit from the addition of tooltips. I personally love tooltips in any of my plugins. You don’t always have time to go combing through the PDF of your plugin’s manual or go consulting online.

This gives you a quick and easy reference to any of the functions you might have questions about.

As I mentioned, nothing has inherently changed with the core function of these synths. I’ve had the Freequel Bundle installed for a while now, and I do find myself reaching for Ruina fairly often.

There’s something about how unruly it is that benefits material like my modular creations in VCV Rack. The workflow integrates well enough, operating as a standalone module of its own essentially.

I’ll readily admit I don’t use Virt Vereor or Sinc Vereor very much, but I’ve heard some splendid works made with them.

So, if you haven’t installed these, what are you waiting for?

Not very many devs out there are giving away bundles of stuff, and Noise Engineering has a wonderful pedigree for folks who are invested more fully in hardware synths.

At the very least, you owe it to yourself to give Ruina a test drive. Freequel Bundle is available for Windows and Mac, with supported plugin formats being AU, VST3, and AAX.

Download: Freequel Bundle (FREE)


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  1. Excellent freebies. It’s good to see that Noise Engineering hasn’t just set these aside and neglected them since the betas.

    I’m currently unable to download the update and test them out, so would someone please tell me if the updated versions still include the Fire and Hue options to alter the GUIs?

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