Vox Samples Releases FREE Rainbow Bird EQ


Vox Samples has just released Rainbow Bird EQ, a FREE EQ plugin.

Now, I will admit I groaned at first glance when looking at this one. Who needs another free EQ? Well, before you click away, there is something a bit different about Rainbow Bird EQ from our friends over at Vox Samples.

Beyond the cute little bird that greets you at the center of the interface, there is some actual inspiration taken from real-world hardware. If you’re in the Plugin Alliance ecosystem, you’ve no doubt seen the Maag EQ4.

Previously, Luftikus was the easiest way to do that sort of additive EQ work on the cheap. You don’t need to fret because Rainbow Bird is here to add a little lively competition. The interface is certainly easier for me to read on a 4K screen than the official Maag EQ from PA.

Like the famed EQ4, you have an air and a subband present. However, rather than being stuck to just four bands of equalization and a pair of filters, you’ve got a lot more going on.

You’ve got a whopping seven areas where you can boost or subtract as needed. The pair of air knobs are the most intriguing element and admittedly make this a one-trick pony for folks used to the EQ4’s bag of tricks.

The sub and 40Hz bands do put in a bit of work, and make for a great addition across a mix bus. You can solidify the low end without having to overwhelm your ears as it were. Moves are broad and wide, as you’d expect from an EQ of this type.

If you’re looking for something more precise, then the ever-popular TDR Nova might be a better bet. Users looking to make some big moves are more than welcome.

Like the rest of the Vox Samples plugins we’ve featured so far, this is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU.

Sure, it might not be a skeuomorphic interface, but the cute bird more than makes up for everything. He looks to be a chipper and joyful little fellow, so you might as well let him handle your instrument bus EQ needs.

Download: Rainbow Bird EQ (FREE)


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  1. Ian / Nihil Quest


    Luftikus has that keep-gain option and is hard to beat when it comes to these types of EQ, I find myself using it more and more.

  2. parece muy buen pluguin, pero no me aparece mi pais y me pide codigo postal de estados unidos y numero de telefono tambien y por esas dos opciones no me deja, una pena, esta muy bueno.

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