Drum Depot Offers Vinyl Drums For FREE For A Limited Time!


Drum Depot, Marco Scherer’s boutique sample imprint, is offering the Vinyl Drums sound pack for free for a limited time.

You might know Marco as the man behind the German Beat magazine (which has also been published in English in recent years).

Vinyl Drums contains 24 WAV samples, numbered chronologically and ready to use in various drum machines.

It includes a drum kit patch for Native Instruments Battery, FXpansion Geist, and Akai MPC (Akai MPC 1000, One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, Studio, Touch, Renaissance, Key 61, MPC Software & MPC Beats).

What makes this little collection of drum samples different is the original concept behind its creation.

The idea was to use the Technics 1210 mkII turntable as an unusual source of found sounds for drum samples: jumping needles, hard scratches on the vinyl surface, scrapes and other things you wouldn’t normally make on a turntable.

Looking at the low-resolution image on the product presentation, it appears that a TASCAM handheld field recorder was used to capture and sample these sounds.

The SoundCloud demo showcases these sounds in a short Hip-Hop beat, with the classic lo-fi character many producers love.

The cool thing is that this vintage vibe wasn’t achieved by sampling old records but by sampling the sounds of the turntable itself – which is brilliant!

Don’t expect to find any standard, ‘production-ready’ sounds here, but they will certainly be appreciated by the more experimental and geeky producers out there (count me in!).

So, if you’re looking for some free drums with tasty lo-fi crunch and plenty of character, download them now before the offer expires! And if you need a plugin to load these sounds, check out our favorite free samplers.

All samples are chronologically numbered and are in WAV format, 16-bit resolution, and 44.1kHz sampling rate.

The low bitrate resolution follows the aesthetic of the drum kit for an instant lo-fi vibe.

If you don’t own Battery, Geist, or any other MPC hardware, you can still load the samples into your favorite sampler.

If you’re eager for more drum samples, make sure to also check out our own free BPB Cassette Drums plugin. It brings the classic TR-series drum machines to your DAW, sprinkled with some lo-fi cassette tape goodness.

Get the deal: Vinyl Drums (FREE for a limited time!)


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