Behringer Releases FREE Vintage Synthesizer Plugin But There’s A Twist


Behringer launched Vintage, a free analog modeling synth, and the German company’s first synth plugin. However, there’s a twist – the plugin isn’t available for download right now.

The Mac and Windows release is a Prophet-inspired synth that Behringer states they modelled on the analogue circuitry of iconic vintage synths. 

However there’s been a bit of a hiccup with the release, and the product page and download link for the plugin went dead shortly after going live, which we’ll cover in more detail below. 

The plugin has two multi-wave oscillators (sine, saw and square), which are analog-modeled, as well as a sub-oscillator and hard-sync function.

There is also a noise generator with a color parameter that controls the lowpass cutoff, and you can modulate the pulse width on the square wave oscillator.

The Vintage synthesizer has two filters that offer 12/24 dB switchable highpass, lowpass, bandpass, and formant modes, as well as selectable drive curves for harmonic saturation. 

The release allows for serial or parallel filtering, as you can mod the filter routing. 

There are dozens of factory presets for the synth included, covering a wide range of sounds, as well as the ability to select favorites and save your own presets. 

Behringer has made Vintage available via free download, which you can get after clicking through to get a free licence and registering with Behringer’s Music Tribe community. 

After that, you’ll get a serial number that allows you to register the standalone build of the Vintage. 

If Vintage users choose to make a donation to Behringer, the funds will go toward the Playing For Change Foundation, which builds art and music schools for children around the world. 

There seems to be some funny business going on at Behringer at the moment, however, as the synth was available from the company’s website, but now the product page has been deleted.

There are already several demos of the plugin in action on YouTube, so it went live at some point. However, the exact status of the release is now unknown.

It’s not clear if Behringer is simply fixing a minor issue with its website or if the entire release has been delayed or perhaps even canceled altogether. 

Some users have speculated that Behringer did not anticipate the level of demand the release would have, and the plugin is unavailable simply because the servers crashed. 

Download: Vintage (FREE – link currently down)


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      Steve Charlton


      It’s not a standalone exclusive. It’s also available as a VST3 and AU plugin for Mac and Windows.

    • The installer lets you choose, if you want the plugin(s), the standalone or both, but actually you need to install the standalone, too, because youd need it to register the synth (including the plugin versions). You also need an internet conenction on your host computer to activate the synth.

    • You have to install the standalone and the plugin. After that you can (only) register in the standalone version.

  1. By the way, in my opinion the sound of this synth isn’t worth the trouble, it reminds me of those Synthedit creations we had in the early noughties…

  2. been struggling to find a link to it – registered on Music Tribe, but can’t seem to find it.

    Any hyperlinks about?

  3. People said it looked too much like a Tone2 product and the company got involved and is currently looking into copyright infringements

  4. Mathieu Prud


    Bah…Behringer…They must have stole the code from another dev ! :D
    Hate this business and their business model…

    • idk about tubeohm, but it looks strikingly similar, and also skin of that Behringer plugin is copied from Tone2 Saurus 3.

  5. the display orgranisation is an 1:1 copy from the ableton live AAS Analog.

    the light knobs look like the ones from an SPL mic preamp and the dials look like the ones from tone2 saurus.

    but it is even worse: the logo with the name “vintage” and its typography is an 1:1 copy from Tubeohm Vintage.

    which is probably the cause you can not download it anymore.

    does anyone here still believe the story about “we carefully modelled its circuits?” nonsense?

    i bet if i disassemble it i will find the ladder filter from juce and various open source snippets inside.

    • I notice that AAS has updated Swatches yet again, now contains over 730+ patches

      While waiting for Behringer Legacy to reappear, that is at least something new to download and check out.

  6. While waiting for a new free vintage instrument to download, Electronic Sound Lab has just released CMP100 based on the Philips PCM100 FM synthesizer/module, the free version comes with 36 patches

    • I got a copy, but you also need a registration code (which is now disabled), so it won’t do either me or your any good.

  7. Ah, Behringer is showing their true colors again.
    It’s another knockoff they supposedly ‘created’. They really feel no shame.
    Look at that Vintage Logo, it’s stolen from Tubeohm Vintage and just copy and pasted on this one.
    The knobs and layout also look very familiar, and i bet the code is probably also stolen.
    Behringer is a terrible company. Never any Behringer product in my Studio.

  8. This is consistent with their normal modus operandi… Promising a product and then not being able to deliver it.

    If they’re going by their normal practices they’ve probably ripped the code and the design of the synth from someone else.

    Behringer s****.

  9. Who takes Behringer even serious?
    Their Products are always ripped off from other brands.
    Most of their products are cheaply made and just breaks a month outside your warranty.
    Behringer have no interest nor respect for musicians and companies/products or critics/journalists.
    They only care to ripp off other brands to make some easy and quick bucks and silence the critics.
    Remember when they attacked Peter Kirn with the ‘Kirn Cork Sniffer’ ?That’s very sick behaviour.

    • “Most of their products are cheaply made and just breaks a month outside your warranty.”

      I’ve got several products from Behringer that are still working flawlessly after more than two decades.

  10. I enjoyed watching the demo video above for Vintage, but I was more captivated by that Stepic plugin with the sequencer and automation. It’s very sophisticated. I also watched how the automated filter cutoff and resonance knobs on Vintage moved on the “Sephiro” preset, and the “Afternoon Fever” preset with cutoff, resonance and octave. (This is around 1 minute into the video.)

    Based on the article and others’ earlier comments, I won’t be getting Vintage (even if it were available), but now I am curious about Stepic by Devicemeister.

    Stepic is not free, but I’m glad I learned about it here with that demo. I might still consider it for the future down the line. Might… because it looks like a lot to learn and manage, but perhaps a user manual and other demo videos could help.

  11. Every plugin dev ever: *make virtual analog synths based on what’s been done forever*
    Plugin users:

    Behringer: *makes a virtual analog synth*
    Plugin users: WHAT!? HOW DARE THEY!?

    clown emoji…

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