Solinoid Is A New FREE Solina String Ensemble For Windows


Solicito Musica released Solionid, a free virtual string machine synthesizer for Windows based on the Solina String Ensemble.

As an ardent fan of all things Warp Records, I have a soft spot for instruments that try to be realistic but fall short.

The Solina string machines were a novel attempt at bringing polyphony to keyboardists beyond the usual means of the piano. The sounds don’t quite align with a real string quartet, but that’s hardly the point.

Regretfully, there aren’t many freeware string ensembles available (apart from some excellent emulations from Full Bucket Music). Solinoid by Solicito Musica is seeking to alleviate some of that.

Solinoid is a very basic synth. Its output is solely mono, so you’ll need to double up and hard pan for stereo sound.

You’ve got a single monophonic oscillator and a string oscillator with polyphony. This keeps things fairly restrictive, but that’s all right. Sound is the most important factor when evaluating some of these string machine emulators.

Solinoid has the sound nailed in spades, which is great for users who are after that vintage sound. It might not bring you a Grundig tape machine to channel your inner Boards of Canada, but you aren’t far off the mark.

The sound of Solinoid calls to mind those old records from the 70s. When paired with your tape or cassette sim of choice, it makes for a wonderfully lo-fi way to get the emotiveness of strings in your next composition.

You’ve got the famous ensemble effect found on many string machines, which helps to give a bit of depth and motion to the sound. Coupled with the LFO on the orchestra filter, you can make for some stunning and evolving sounds with rather humble means.

Solinoid isn’t for everyone, and the sound will not dethrone the Omnispheres and Avengers of the world. However, if you’re looking for a particular sound and don’t want to turn to the also-excellent Deputy by Full Bucket, this might be worth a look.

Mac users are sadly left out of the mix, as Solinoid is Windows-only. If you’re on macOS, check out the string machines from Full Bucket Music listed below.

Download: Solinoid (FREE)


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  1. Another very good free string-machine is Cheeze Machine 2 :
    But it is not paraphonic.

    But yes even if I prefer some paid emulations, my favorite free string machines are by far those made by Bjorn Arlt at Full Bucket Music, mainly :
    – Deputy –
    – Nabla –
    – Tricent mk III –

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