DDMF Releases FREE Endless Reverb Plugin


DDMF released a new free plugin called Endless, available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, DDMF has provided us with great audio perks over the years, such as the infamous Plugindoctor and Metaplugin tools.

Endless is a reverb plugin designed to create huge, ethereal spaces with seemingly endless decay, as the name suggests, tailored to film music and ambient composers.

The interface is logically divided into four main sections: Room, Sound, SFX, and Mix.

The Room section offers three parameters to define the size and space of the effect: Length, Granular, and Pre-Delay.

The Length control is the parameter you’ll probably use the most. It helps define the tail of the reverb, and its range is 1ms to 2 seconds.

The Granular parameter is an interesting addition to your standard reverb: it seems to define the length of the audio grains entering the reverb, with a range of 10ms to 500ms.

During testing, I found this control to be particularly unstable. Adjusting it in real-time caused audio dropouts and CPU usage spikes.

Granular synthesis is generally known to be CPU-hungry, but the developer will probably fix this problem in future versions.

The pre-delay can go up to 500 ms and, as most of you already know, is useful for separating the dry transient of a sound from its reverb tail.

The sound section contains low and high cut filters, damping, and width controls.

Filters are always a welcome feature in any reverb, as they help shape the reverb sound and determine the frequency range that will be used in a mix.

High Damping values produce more absorption of high frequencies, mimicking the behaviour of sound travelling through a room full of absorbent material.

The Width control lets you decide whether you want the reverb effect to be full stereo or mono. In the latter case, you need to turn it all the way down.

The SFX section is the most creative, allowing you to add detuning and sparkle to the reverb tail for that shimmering effect that makes any piece of audio sound ethereal.

You can control the tone of the added sparkle and the shift of the detuning effect.

Finally, the Mix section includes independent Wet and Dry parameters to help you achieve the balance you’re looking for.

Other features include a Bypass button and an A/B button to switch between two plug-in configurations.

Download: Endless (FREE)


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    Bummer. Hopefully it’s just temporary as I was *really* looking forward to trying this out.

      • They must’ve sorted it out not long after I posted and it’s working just fine for me now. But when i visited their site before I tried on 3 different browsers; it was definitely an issue on their end. ;)

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