Get Krotos Concept 2 For $1 Via Humble Bundle


Humble Bundle is back with another lovely audio software bundle. This time, it features some amazing software from Krotos Audio.

The “Krotos SFX & Plugins for Sound Design Bundle” offers a massive collection (+60 GB) of high-quality sound effects, two modern synths (Simple Concept and Concept 2), and three months of subscription to the flagship plugin and service Krotos Studio. 

This bundle can be a perfect companion for those starting out in sound design or anyone looking to expand their existing collection with a highly affordable SFX pack for audio post-production and game audio.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, and it is also for a great cause!

You are free to pay what you want. The whole bundle costs a minimum of 23.09€, but you can pay more to support Alzheimer’s Research UK with your purchase.

If you’re interested in the Simple Concept and Concept 2 synthesizers, you can get both for just 1€!

Let’s break down briefly what’s included in the whole package.

Simple Concept & Concept 2

Simple Concept is a simplified version of the premium Concept 2 synthesizer.

You can play with 80 inspirational presets and a few macro controls to quickly shape the sound you’re after.

Concept 2 gives you far more creative possibilities and over 700 great-sounding presets.

You’ll get access to a granular engine with the option to load your samples and combine them with traditional oscillator sources.

Krotos Starter Library

This broad collection of royalty-free samples includes several classic categories of sound design, giving you almost 4000 audio files rendered at 96/192 Khz in WAV format.

It spans classic categories of sound design like Foley, Surfaces, Magic, Weapons, Combats, Mechanicals, and more.

Krotos Fundamentals Library

This is an even larger collection of over 5,000 royalty-free audio files delivered in WAV format at varying high-resolution/sampling rates of 24/32 bit and 48/96/192 Khz, organized to the UCS standard.

It has been designed to cover the fundamental and raw assets needed in sound for media, film, TV, and games.

Krotos Studio 3-month subscription

Krotos Studio is an innovative software designed to streamline the creation of sound effects within an intuitive interface with an expansive catalog of content added each month for its subscribers.

All included software is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.

Get the deal: Krotos SFX & Plugins for Sound Design Bundle (Pay as little as 23.09 for 5 items – offer expires on May 6th!)


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  1. A word of caution:

    The Humble team are scammers. They sell expiring software licenses and unavailable keys. I am going through a situation where they denied me access to every item in a bundle I purchased after they said my keys expired without any warning and the software vendor (Magix) refused to do anything about it.

    Humble also refused a refund, and are now looking like they are reneging on a store credit.

    The price may be good so I can see buying it, but if you do, make sure you check and claim your licenses as soon as possible. And back them up too, just in case.

    • They are not scammers, and they don’t sell expiring software and unavailable keys. They partner with the companies providing the software in the bundles. They provide an expiration date/redeem by date on each and every item you purchase.

      Everything that happened is your fault, and yet here they are kindly offering you a refund in the form of store credit outside of their refund policy, and here you are telling the internet that they are scammers.

      The only take away from your comment is how good their customer support is, those filthy scammers.

      • Without being too long winded, this is not the first time this happened with them, just the worst. They have had game keys unavailable just as soon as I placed my order before, which is somewhat understandable with Steam, but not Magix. Also they did NOT have anything saying there was a key deadline in the case I mentioned and they have NOT provided credit as of yet, instead they have cut off communications.

        Do you work for them by chance?

        To Numanoid’s point: I somewhat agree, hence a word of caution rather than a total denouncement.

    • I am sorry for your experience. But I am 100% satisfied with their service, have bought from them many times now.

      One has to take into account that many Humble Bundles are for charity, and as such we must take a stance of “live and let live”

  2. Ian / Nihil Quest


    Krotos Studio 3-month subscription is also available for free. IIRC the code in the check out is “unlock” (got it from some YT video, it worked), but you stil have to give them your credit card, so I passed on this one. Looks cool, but I’m not getting a subscription.

  3. I’m very happy with getting Concept 2 for just an Euro! Have been playing with it a couple days in FL Studio, and is100% stable. It is CPU hungry, but I expected that for a synth relying on samples.

    I have little interest in the other stuff, that costs more money. Who wants to download 51GB of SFX samples? Just getting the free 700 MB pack from the Krotos webpage will last me a long time.

  4. Michal Ochedowski


    Can someone confirm that a single instance of Concept 2 can use as much as 60 % of the available CPU power? For example even the default patch is really CPU hungry.

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