Bansaw Crown Music’s Band Saturator plugin is available for free


Bansaw Crown Music recently released Band Saturator, a freeware saturation effect that is also the developer’s debut plugin. 

The Band Saturator is available for Windows (VST3 and AAX) and Mac (AU, VST3 and AAX).

Bansaw Crown Music describes the Band Saturator as “Three unique, carefully curated, saturation flavors you can apply to instruments, drums, vocals, or your entire mix.”

Furthermore, the plugin features “versatile pre/post filter options, resonance level, and hard/soft clipping, allowing precise control over the sonic qualities of your sound.”

The developer offers the free version of the plugin, as well as the Band Saturator Pro, which is currently available for $10.

Getting the download link for the free version requires the submission of an email address, after which a link to the Windows and Mac installers will be emailed to you. 

Band Saturator Pro features seven saturation algorithms. The developer explains that Pro “elevates your sound with unparalleled precision, offering oversampling rates of 2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x, ensuring every nuance of your audio is captured with crystal-clear quality.”

When you buy Band Saturator Pro, you also get the House Drums Gold Sample Pack, which is currently priced at $10 if you were to buy it separately. 

The House Drums Gold Sample Pack is designed for use with various house genres, especially deep house, deep disco and nu-disco. 

Bansaw Crown Music produced a tutorial on YouTube that demonstrates how to use the plugins in the Band Saturator range, as well as an introductory video that outlines the features of both the free and Pro version. 

In the latter video, the developer explained what makes the plugin stand out, saying, “It’s about giving you more control, with the ability to target saturation to specific areas of the frequency spectrum, combined with the really nice pre/post filter option, which I think you’re going to really love experimenting with.”

Bansaw Crown Music has several products for producers, with other offerings including Modern Analog and Sapphire, which are preset packs for the VPS Avenger synth. 

The developer also has a third saturator in the works: Band Saturator Radiance. This addition to the Band Saturator line promises more “bold and commanding saturation styles” than the previous releases, which the developer describes as more “elegant and dynamic.”

If you like saturation plugins, don’t forget to check out our free BPB Saturator effect.

Download: Band Saturator (FREE – email required)


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  1. Is Integraudio trying to copy BPB, by sending out info about the latest freebies via Integraudio Newsletter ?

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  2. Alessandro Melo


    Damn…they only release saturation plugins…literally the market is saturated with this, as if everything now needs saturation, there’s no way to support all of this.

      • Michael in South Korea


        Exactly, Benny C…. I don’t understand why people gripe about a freebie 🥱
        If you want it, say “thank you”….. if you don’t, move on.

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