Psycho Circuitry launches new free PCEQ5 five band analog EQ plus paid version


Psycho Circuitry launched the free PCEQ5 five-band analogue-inspired EQ, plus the paid version of the plugin, the PCEQ5+

The PCEQ5 and PCEQ5+ are available for Windows and macOS, with the latter being available at an introductory deal of $8 (down from $49) until May 19, 2024.

Mac users will be pleased as Psycho Circuitry has now been notarized by Apple, making the installation process for these plugins quicker and easier. 

The free PCEQ5 has the same technology as its bigger brother PCEQ5+, although the free version has a lighter featureset, as we’ll see below. 

The big daddy PCEQ5+ features a high shelf, low shelf and three bell filters. These are all switchable between active and passive-inspired filter shapes.

The full version of the plugin has an adjustable Q, frequency and gain. It also has high pass and low pass filters with “3, 6, 12 and resonant 12 selections”. 

Additionally, the PCEQ5+ features a per-band stereo separation control, per-band feedback loop distortion send and a feedback distortion section that simulates active EQ nonlinearities, with HPF/LPF to shape into your sound. 

The output stage of the EQ has tube or solid-state models, as well as drive and blend controls. 

The featureset of the plugin is rounded out by auto gain with additional adjustment, up to x16 oversampling and stereo or mono operation.

The free PCEQ5 includes the above features, except for per-band stereo separation, per-band feedback send and feedback filter.

It also only features a single output stage and only 6 and 12 HPF/LPF options.

You can access the Zip file to download the PCEQ5 via a one-click process from the product page.

The Zip file includes the Mac and Windows versions as well as the readme text. 

As always with Psycho Circuitry, no email or personal information is required to download the free version.

To get the paid version, you’ll need to provide an email address and then you’ll progress straight to making the payment. 

Psycho Circuitry produced a YouTube demo embedded on the product page which runs through all the features of the PCEQ5 and PCEQ5+. 

The demo also provides an A/B of the EQ in action, so it gives a good indication of what the plugin is capable of. 

The PCEQ5 and PCEQ5+ support Windows 10/11 (64-bit only) and MacOS BigSur+.

Download: PCEQ5 (FREE / PCEQ+ – Only $8 until May 19th)

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  1. Thanks Steve, BPB & Psycho Circuitry, looking good

    Hyperbits YouTube channel & Waves are giving away Berzerk Distortion audio plugin free until 9AM EST Wednesday 15th May (2PM BST)

    Hyperbits YouTube Channel…


    • How many more bazillion times are Waves gonna offer Berzerk for free? Lol “Pay for it?! We can’t even *give* the damned thing away!” 😂

          • I got the Waves Non-Linear Summer (whoa!) and the Kramer whatever for free and deleted them after half an hour. The former even says, in surprising honesty, in its manual that it does no summing at all.

            A year after getting the plugins, Waves pestered me by email to urgently reconfirm my account to keep using them. I unsubscribed from that too.

  2. This is a solid EQ, but I’ve been consistently impressed with the quality of their previous plugins as well.
    And that $8 intro pricing for the plus version features is pretty tempting…

  3. Michael in South Korea


    BPB should have a contest for us subscribers………
    ” Who has the most free plugins, and how many of them do we actually use!!!” 😁

    I know that I’m pretty much at my limit (75) 😄

    Thinking 80 might be my limit 🤗

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